Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Just What Are They Teaching At Uplift?

We know Uplift School likes to think it's "unconventional" and was born when some of Ald. Shiller's Couraj buddies took over Joan Arai School. So this is what readers get when they click on the link to "Uplift" on the alderman's web site.

Kind of gives all sorts of new meaning to the name of the school.(Pssst! Maggie! Time to show you read this site. Change the link, 'kay?!)

Update: The "Home -> Issues -> Education" page has been updated since this morning and the link has been changed to the more proper, yet so much more boring, Uplift page from Chicago Public Schools. However, the "Home -> Resources -> Education" page still links to Uplift's Girls Gone Wild in See-Through Lingerie page.

Maggie, you might want to take a look at the source code for that page as well. No need to thank us; as you know, that's our job, to point out the problems that can be changed here in Uptown. Thanks for paying attention.

Now, about that goofy Wilson Yard housing plan.....

Update #2: While you're in update mode, you might want to reconsider the link to the Prologue School. Folks we know at Lycee Francais tell us Prologue is no longer at the Irving Park address and possibly no longer in Uptown at all.


  1. Nothing says preschool fundraising like see through lingerie bras.

  2. God bless my kids private school.

    Though I have been looking in on taking a few classes myself. I think I found my new school.

    Chip says school is cool!

  3. I thought this was a joke. So I went to the site. Wow! No JOKE!

  4. Uplift actually has nothing to do with this unfortunate linkage, as funny as it is. This is the work of a cybersquatter. They buy the domain and then take advantage of misspellings, guesses of URLs, or confusion between .com/.org/.net/.edu to drive traffic to the links on their parked page.

  5. Oh, wait, sorry, I misunderstood. Yeah, whoever is maintaining the ward page screwed up the link. Looks like they're paying attention here, too, because it's fixed now.

  6. Hal...unless i'm looking at a different link than you are, then no...they're not paying attention. The site I'm being directed to off the following link is still the bogus lingerie search site...


    LOL...funny thought...Shiller's office paying attention to this site or anything else regarding the neighborhood...thanks for the chuckle of the day!

  7. Yep...I just tried the link too.Lingerie!!!
    I don't think I could pull off a sports bra at Bally's or R.O.T.C. Even that's toooo gay!

  8. Unless you're following a different link altogether that I can find, it's definitely changed. If you follow the breadcrumbs "Home";"Issues";"Education";"46th Ward Schools", and click the link for "Uplift Community High School", as shown in the image here, you end up here in the CPS site: http://www.cps.k12.il.us/Schools/hsdirectory/upliftcommunity.shtml

    I can't tell what content management system they're using (View, Source is blocked) and how it's managed, but you may be hitting a cached version of that Schools page. That's kind of an old-school problem, but who knows...

    They've definitely updated the site today, as you can see on the Home page with the Metra/Google item.

  9. Hal and Trent, you're both right. Check the update. They changed the link in some places and left it the same in other places.

  10. Damn,

    now that's Change I Can Believe In.