Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sun-Times: "Labor Not Ready"

From David Roeder's column today:

LABOR NOT READY: Labor Ready Midwest Inc. has scrapped plans to move into a couple of storefonts in Uptown at 4830-4 N. Sheridan. The plan was controversial with neighbors, who organized against the company's application for a special use zoning permit.

Uptown residents hired the land use and real estate tax law firm Gordon & Pikarski for the fight, which included a suit challenging the city Zoning Board of Appeals decision to grant the permit. Partner John Pikarski said Labor Ready now has the advised the neighborhood it has no intention to proceed. Company spokeswoman Stacey Burke could not be reached. She told a local paper, the News-Star, that the new office was temporarily scrapped because of the slow economy. If it later wants the location, it probably will need another permit.

Uptown Ald. Helen Shiller (46th) vigorously backed the labor agency, but neighbors didn't like the crowds it would bring in proximity to a YMCA and two elementary schools. Would Shiller back Labor Ready again now that she stuck her neck out for nothing?

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