Wednesday, November 12, 2008

18 Unit Development At Clark & Montrose On Hold

According to YoChicago, the 18 unit development slated for 4421 N. Clark is now on hold due to the economy. The developer is hoping to reevaluate the market in spring and go from there. Read the entire post at YoChicago here.


  1. No kidding!

    LOL, there is an over supply of re-sales and new units for sale.

    Supply vs. Demand.

  2. As a resident of 4420 N. Clark across the street, this comes as no big surprise since Berger's website states a spring, 2009 delivery for the units at 44 21 N. Clark and the existing buildings have yet to be torn down...

    The Clark Street dead zone between Montrose and Wilson is truly one of the most depressing strips this side of the city.

  3. Agreed. I live across the street too, and this is super frustrating. When is the "dead zone" going to pick up??? Our trees in front aren't even planted yet and it has been over 2 yrs...

  4. Could someone open a nice neighborhood pub on that strip? We need a convenient watering hole on that corner.