Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Body Of Uptown Man Pulled From Lake

CHICAGO (STNG) ― The body of a 34-year-old Uptown man was found floating in Lake Michigan Tuesday afternoon.

Police responded about 1:10 p.m. to the lake after a jogger spotted the body near 300 West Montrose Avenue and called 911, according to News Affairs Officer John Mirabelli. A Chicago Fire Dept. scuba crew pulled the body from the water, and he was taken to Weiss Memorial Hospital.

Zhya Jacobs, of 720 W. Gordon Terrace, was pronounced dead at Weiss Memorial Hospital at 2:47 p.m., a Cook County Medical Examiner's office spokesman said.

An autopsy is scheduled for Wednesday.

Belmont Area detectives are investigating.


  1. The Trib has an article on this, as well - their comments section has some interesting posts from friends of the Zhya Jacobs.

  2. Why are there no life preservers around Montrose Harbor? This apparently delightful young man could have been saved if they were. Not the first this year either.

    Unfortunately, the conditions on the lake and current made rescue efforts impossible until it was too late. Such a horrible accident.

    I am terribly sorry for his family and friends for their loss.

  3. One of the commenters on that link said the following:

    Something needs to be done [at Montrose Harbor] - look around, if you fall in, there is no way to get out. It has steep walls and ladders are at least 100 yards apart. If someone falls in off the docks, it is impossible to climb back up. Someone who falls into the frigid waters only has 2-3 minutes before they succumb.

  4. I was the 'jogger' who noticed him calling for help only 10 yards offshore. He could have been saved if the most modest of resources had been available.

  5. Shammer,

    Do you know if you fell in accidently or jumped in on purpose? As a jogger who runs by there often, I am just curious about this unfortunate incident.

  6. He was calling for help and wearing a down jacket. As you can imagine with the sleet/snow and cold the rocks and retaining wall were extremely slippery yesterday. I can only believe it was a tragic accident.

  7. They don't have life preservers because people will steal them or play with them. I someone misuses the life preserver and gets hurt we all know who will be sued. It's so unfortunate that the city has to take into account possible litigation whyen dealing with issues of safety.

  8. ihatemondays makes a good point.

    i walk my dogs by there often and that drop off from the retaining wall scares the hell out of me...some type of fencing or barricade needs to be built...

    my thoughts are with Zhya's family and friends...

  9. I am at a loss of words at this unfortunate accident. Zhya's parents have been very close to my family for years now, and we were all looking forward to welcoming home this Christmas. Please pray for the Jacobs at this tragic time- I can only hope that one day they will get past this horrific loss.

  10. Zhya was one of the great people. Curious, interested, inquisitive, kind, and equipped with a great sense of humor. Just a delight and pleasure to be with. I will miss him and my heartfelt sympathy goes out to his other friends and especially his family.

  11. For the record, I do not believe that a pious Presbyterian like him would commit suicide. It was an accident or foul play.
    I am very sad about this incident. I hope and pray that his friends and family can find comfort in the following months.
    He was a kind, sweet person and always with had smile.
    I am also disguisted by the lack of life preservers at the harbor.
    One would like to think that at some point, it would occur to our dear mayor to add them in all the danger zones.

  12. This is so distressing. "Jogger" - thanks for your efforts to bring help to Zhya.

    I'm a close friend of Zhya's from New York and have no way to contact his parents. If anyone reading this can get a message to them, please email me:

    May his soul rest in peace. We'll miss him dearly.

  13. My heart aches over such a tragedy as this & my deepest sympathies to our neighbor Zhya's friends & family. There is more information at
    regarding services for Zhya being held today.

  14. Zhya, in your short span of life you have touched so many people with your radiant smile, gentle ways, and simple goodness; in spite of all your achievements. You boldly showed your love for Jesus and brought many folks to know and love Him. I'm sure you have a very special place in God's kingdom.

    My sincere and heartfelt sympathies go to Esmie, Dennis, and all of Zhya's family and friends. May his Soul Rest in Peace.