Friday, September 19, 2008

Vote Online To Help Chase Park

Chase Park is a finalist in the Staples Dream Park competition. The prize is $25,000 toward renovations, and the park that collects the most online votes between now and November 17th wins the money. To vote, log on at You can vote once a day.

Chase Park has been fundraising for quite a while now for funds to to build a new playground and replace existing equipment. The $25,000 would go quite a way towards that goal.


  1. Always a good idea to send out your address, email, and other contact information to a company that will use it to spam your computer and mailbox with junk mail, then sell it to other companies that will do the same.


    Staples gets hundreds of thousands of email and mail addresses for only $25,000. What a steal!

  2. Ah, BillyJoe, always the little gray storm cloud.