Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Uptown Saturday Night

We're hearing from quite a few readers that they heard sirens around midnight on Saturday and saw lots of firefighting equipment around the Racine/Clifton/Wilson area until dawn. Anyone have any information? We sincerely hope no one was hurt.


  1. I saw a bunch of emergency vehicles outside of World Gym while I was working out on Friday night around 7ish. Corner of Hazel and Montrose.

  2. There was a fire on Racine between Leland and Sunnyside late Saturday night/early Sunday morning. At least that is what the cop directing traffic said.

  3. Anyone know what was going on at Wilson between Magnolia and Malden (I think) yesterday around 6:15? I got off the train and walked west and saw an ambulance, cops, etc. A cop was directing traffic to go south on Magnolia rather than continuing west on Wilson.