Saturday, August 9, 2008

This Fence Has Seen Better Days

A reader writes in:
"I called in this problem on July 16th and got the case #. I followed up with 311 and was told that the city inspector didn't see a problem with the fence. I was once walking with a blind friend through a similar situation, and had I not alerted him, a metal rod would have gone through his head.
I'm wondering if others could let 311 know that this is a problem, and perhaps it will get the needed attention.
The address is 1063 W. Lawrence. Here is the photo that highlights the problem. Uptown Update has helped to highlight problems in the past that were ignored, so maybe this fence will get some needed attention as well."
-a concerned citizen


  1. Who owns this lot? It's not city property, is it? It's always used for event parking for the Aragon. I'm thinking the property owner is the one who would need to address this.

  2. That parking lot just sold for $4.6 million in January.

  3. This is another "protected property" that continually passes Building Dept and Dept of Environment landscape ordinance fencing inspections every time 311 complaints are filed.

    Our area's assigned inspectors suck, big time. When one attempts to call the department to FOIA and/or ask the name of the inspector who is passing on all these obviously uncorrected problems they circle the wagons and tell you that this info is not available to the public because (get this) you might contact and corrupt them. I think that horse is already out of the barn, so to speak.

  4. Well, over the years, Aragon has given $15,500 to Helen's campaign. 'Nuf said.