Wednesday, August 27, 2008

T-Shirt Mania

Oh, good gravy. It's T-Shirts Gone Wild!

It all started with the sighting of an "Uptown Update Is Stupid" t-shirt.

That turned into a "Why Don't You Go Blog About It?" joke shirt, which morphed into a real-life Uptown Update online store.

We all know the lengthy and passionate discussion that our "white t-shirts for sale" post invoked.

And now The Bench in Rogers Park has gotten into the act and created a t-shirt just for our little burg: "Uptown: It's Just Like Mayberry." Click on the link to see the whole slogan.

And if you just can't get enough UptownWear, check out the Uptown History Blog's online store for historical images of Uptown to ornament your being.


  1. Well that right wing nutjob blogger does have a sense of humor.

    Me personally I'll stick to Uptown Update sweats and my whole collection of sweats featuring the famous Farrah Fawcett post from the 70's.

    This will give the left wing nutjobs the opportunity to criticize UU for posting this. They will be delighted.

    Another service UU provides. Tweaking the nuts of left and right.

  2. I am trying to keep my sense of humor about all this; Rogers Park is getting into the act??!

    However, now seems to be the right time to share how impressed I was with some of the comments in the Tribune article message board. First, it was one of the first Tribune threads I've ever seen that didn't just absolutely disintegrate into vile stereotypes or become a complete shouting match between hardcore conservatives and everyone else. Second, when some non-Uptowners tried to slam this neighborhood we responded by describing the issues but also offering compelling reasons why we choose to call this place home. For example, that challenge to Uptown's diversity must have been answered about 10 times.

    We have such a great internal discussion going on here. Sometimes it really feels like a big extended family with the "inside" jokes, the seemingly endless bickering, the skepticism that greets newcomers and the way others will stick up for each other without being asked. So I was not entirely surprised that when push came to shove...and others wanted to just say we must all be worthless trash...that a little united front built up to deflect that. It seemed to me that we said, "we could be GREAT if we ever got a little help!"

    So, I will choose to laugh at this t-shirt. We do have our issues. But we are also a hidden gem of a neighborhood filled with interesting and good people from all walks of life. C'mon, let us show you!!

  3. The Uptown History Blog is awesome. I am always filled with melancholy when I see those fantastic pictures. Maybe I should ease my pain with a "view from Sheridan Road" classic thong! Or, maybe I will put a poster of the Belle Shore Apartment Hotel, now owned by Peter Holsten, up at Wilson Yard to encourage him to work towards having the most beautiful real estate portfolio in Chicago above all else.

  4. "Uptown's diversity"

    Everytime I hear this now I want to put my head in the stove.
    It has almost hit the same chalk board scratching as "wardrobe malfuntion", "swiftboating", and "don't go there"

    Im starting to think its over rated. We almost us it as a "BUT" in every sentence now..

    "The crime in Uptown is getting out of hand...BUT I do love the "Diversity"

    "I had a homeless man using my parking lot as a port-a-jon...BUT I love the "Diversisty"

    Maybe Im just a grump andthe hip wordof this summer is running thin on me.

    I do like waking up and seeing Don Knots..he is my all time favorite. Rememeber those killer suits he wore on Three's Company? Oh, Why do I imagine Irish Pirate like Larry?

  5. Speaking of old TV series I just figured out who we need in Uptown to help us clean out the gang scum.

    First, the title.

  6. Uptown, it's just like Mayberry.
    I've been saying that for years, except my sub head has been: instead of a town drunk, we have a town full of drunks.

  7. I have seen a few Gomer & Goober Pyles enjoying a nice beverage in Carols once or twice.


  8. (LOL!!!) Well Laura this IS Chicago and this is a great drinking city.

  9. Pete, Link and Julie wouldn't last a day in Uptown.

    Although I'd like to think that Link Hayes' "Solid!" catchphrase would catch on.


    I found this funny, not sure how to link it.