Friday, August 8, 2008

More Info On Upcoming 'Fontana Grill'

A reader writes in:
"Just wanted to give some good news. I met with Amer today who is opening Fontana Bar and Grill at the corner of Wilson and Beacon (looks great inside). He plans to be open between September 1st-15th (but leaning closer to Labor Day). He said that he has his license for liquor but just waiting for inspectors to come out which should be any day. He hopes to participate in the Experience Uptown WalkFest event too.

His food concept is Italian with one traditional back home dish which will be Bosnian. His wine concept is very cool too. You can buy by the ounce for either $1 or $2. So, if you drink 7oz. you either pay $7 or $14, etc. He said no bottle will ever be more than $22 or $44. He has a machine that will be weighing by the ounce."

Sounds good to us!


  1. I like their wine pricing. There's nothing worse than deciding to have that third glass and realizing you could have already bought the bottle and saved a couple bucks. Hooray to Fontana Grill!

  2. I like that idea as well. Very excited for this place!