Friday, August 8, 2008

Ald. Shiller's Former Chief Of Staff Investigated By City

Dave Ochal is being investigated by the city. Read all about it at the Tribune here.

Read a 1989 press release from the Alderman's office mentioning her former chief of staff Dave Ochal here. They go waaaaaaaay back. Sounds like a great guy.

Update: Dave Ochal just resigned from his city job.


  1. He just stepped down to avoid the heat.

  2. Old Tribune story mentioning Shiller and pool boy.

    Apparently Ochal turned against St. Helen.

  3. More on the pool boy/Shiller connection.

    Seems Ochal turned to serve the dark overlord, Daley, years before Helen Shiller went over to the Daley side.

    Ochal was chief of staff for Ald. Helen Shiller (46th) and helped her win re-election in 1991 against Daley-backed opponent Michael Quigley. The mayor's top political operatives were so impressed by Ochal's efforts to organize campaign workers that they recruited him for their organization and gave him a City Hall job, Quigley said Friday.

    Daley promoted Ochal to first deputy commissioner of Streets and Sanitation in 1993. He moved to the Aviation Department eight years ago. Many of his underlings there also followed his direction in campaigns for candidates endorsed by Daley, in the generations-old fashion of the Chicago Democratic Machine.

    "He was such a good hustler," Quigley said. "Pool antics and ComEd antics aside, his reputation is as one of the hardest workers anyone has ever met in government as well as campaigns."

  4. Does anyone know how he got hooked up with Helen in the first place?