Friday, August 29, 2008

Get Engaged In Urban Planning In Uptown

We are sure there are a lot of opinions regarding urban planning, or lack thereof, in Uptown. Now there is a way for you to be engaged in the urban planning process. The "Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning" is interested in facilitating and moderating a live discussion on what residents' vision of Uptown would be. We are told that one of the urban planners involved in this project lives in Uptown and wants our feedback. This is still in the early planning stages and we want to gauge interest in this post.

From the "Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning" (CMAP)

"Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning (CMAP) wants to hear from you and your community! GO TO 2040's regional comprehensive planning campaign, scheduled for completion in 2010, would not be complete without active citizen participation. CMAP seeks to better understand the everyday experiences of our region's residents by opening up these conversations on a local level. This plan will be built on a common vision of how residents want their region to look for future generations."


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  2. We are looking into the Metropolitan Planning Commission hosting a Community Visioning meeting in Uptown. Am sure that safety will be at the top of most residents' priority lists, no matter what their race, creed or income.

  3. That is wonderful news Katharine. Keep us posted!

  4. I'm really interested in participating in this process. I think Uptown has so much to offer...intelligent urban planning and public officials who actually work for the betterment of the neighborhood could make a huge difference!