Monday, August 25, 2008

The Cruelest Cut On Cuyler

A reader writes and sent in a photo:

It was reported by my neighbor that both her curbside tires were slashed on Saturday night. She called the police and was told that 10 to 12 cars on the 900 block of Cuyler Ave had the same problem on Saturday. I mentioned this to another neighbor who lives on the 800 block of Cuyler who stated that several on that block also where slashed.

I am sure this took place long after dark but if you are ever driving around looking for parking in the evening and see something suspicious, please call 911. This is not the first time we have had problems with vandalism towards cars on our block. Broken windows, stolen catalytic converters and drunken hit-and-runs have all taken place in the past 6 months. However, several 911 calls have led to arrests after some of these crimes took place.

We wholeheartedly agree. Another reader wrote in to tell us that she heard a noise outside her home and saw two men looking in the window of a parked car. She wasn't sure if what was going on was suspicious, but called 911 to see if they could offer assistance. The men broke the car window with a brick shortly after her call, but the police were able to catch them and they ended going to trial for being part of a GPS theft ring that had been active all over Uptown. So, call 911 -- and let the police take it from there.


  1. Apologizes in advanced for the soapbox statement here...but I never leave ANYTHING of value in my car. A friend of my mine had his car broken into (brick through the driver's side window) about 5 years ago in Lakeview/Wrigleyville. Thieves stole a $10 portable CD player. I also take out my ipod and hide my ipass. I don't even like to have change lying view.

    Obviously, slashed tires...can't do much there. But what does one gain from doing that? Such a juvenile crime. I feel bad for anybody that got their tires cut, hope the cops find the offenders.

  2. Don't be hatin' the slashers...they're creating art.It's a statement about how America and Uptown in particular expoit the earth's resources and the down-trodden. You rich condo-ownin' bigots just don't get it.

  3. I heard a total of 41 cars had their tires slashed. On B-Way and on Cuyler. And a few on Rec Drive the day before.

  4. Completely useless vandalism is definitely a teenage boy's calling card.

  5. My Jeep Wrangler was broken into a few years back. I left a big plastic tarp in the back seat. The theif (thieves) cut my rear plastic window to drag the tarp through the opening.

    Price of the tarp: About $10

    Price of the window: About $180

    Oh, and I had my car ripped off again a few weeks ago on Bryn Marw in front of the pink building. My fault: I left my gym bag with my sweaty clothes on the back floor. The bag also contained my iPod. and they broke my glove compartment just for the hell of it.

  6. I'm sure crime statistics will show this as ONE incident (One crime) not 40 seperate cases.

    Some people have no power and no elevation in they do things like throw trash on the side walk (because they can), walk in front of moving cars (because they can) and commit petty vandalism like this (because they can). I'm talking about the "can nots". As in can not stay employed, can not stay out of jail, can not be a productive member of society.

  7. uptownpits is right. It is one incident (one crime) with many victims. And anyone who leaves a GPS in the car or the mount attached to the window is a fool.

  8. Imagine being guilty of being 'a fool' for thinking your vehicle is safe from a smash-in.
    I guess it's a fact of life up here, but it all comes down to the quantity of criminals looming large.

    Another victory for our Alderman, who has set the stage for these underprivileged misplaced thugs, to misbehave.

    I've seen tons of smash-ins on Montrose over the years. I've seen tons of police cars in the area, but I wonder if anyone knows how heavily patrolled uptown is, in comparison to other wards?

  9. The highest rate for vehicle break-ins for the 23rd district is not Uptown but the area from Fullerton to Belmont and the lake to Clark. This area also leads the district in burglaries.

    Which is Vi Daley's and Tunney's wards. And yes leaving valuables visible in your car does make you a fool.

    Off the point but I never understood why so many people need GPS to go about everyday driving in a city with grid pattern streets.

  10. This is completely anecdotal, but I had my car broken into twice when I lived in Lincoln Park, and I have had zero break-ins since moving to Uptown. Both times the thieves stole a sweet country music mix tape and the change in my ash tray.

  11. In addition to never leaving anything of any value in your car, it's a must to have a car alarm in Uptown. I've seen scores of cars broken into over the years (including mine) but I don't recall any of them having an auto alarm or it was not active.

  12. I got broke in to once in Uptown about two years ago. My fault for not locking my car with my remote. Funny thing is nothing was stolen. Nothing! It was just trashed.

    Maybe my music sucks. Hmmmm.

    Windy could you make me a country mixed tape? I like a little twang now and then.

  13. A sweet country mix-tape--just like proof of Bigfoot's existence--is invaluable. Call me a skeptic though, I don't think either exist.

  14. Windy could you make me a country mixed tape? I like a little twang now and then.

    Nothing says summer like rolling down the windows and blaring Alan Jackson's Chattahooche as you roll through the hood.


  15. Off the point but I never understood why so many people need GPS to go about everyday driving in a city with grid pattern streets.

    Nadmenny, you know I'm a fan, but I can tell you must not be directionally challenged, as I am. My GPS is really good in the city (1) for those damn diagonal streets, which still confuse me, even though I'm a born-and-bred Chicagoan, (2) when I'm looking for a side street at night and the street signs aren't lit or are missing, and (3) my GPS shows one-way streets, which saves a lot of confusion in unfamiliar areas.

    I don't set it for directions in the city (unless I'm going somewhere on the south or west sides that I'm not familiar with), but it sure helps me to look less like an idiot when I'm driving.

    It's built into the car, so I don't have to worry about removing it or the mount every time I get out of the car.

  16. Truman,
    Sorry if I offended you and your kind. Your right there are a lot of directionally challenged people.

    I still stand by my statement of "leaving valuables visible in your car does makes you a fool."

  17. Nandmenny, no offence taken. Just an explanation of How GPS Has Changed My Life For The Better.

    It's sad we have to learn not to leave stuff in the car, but ... life in the big city.

  18. My car was parked in my space behind my building off of Clarendon. They busted the drivers window and stole a stuffed animal.

    'Here honey, look what I won for ya'

  19. I like a little twang now and then.

    That's what SHE said...

    sorry, couldn't resist. It's the Michael Scott in me.

  20. Maybe the reason people don't have car alarms is that NOBODY PAYS ONE WHIT OF ATTENTION TO THEM ANYMORE. We've all learned the hard way that when an alarm goes off...and on...and means somebody "dinged" the front fender when getting out of a parking space, far more likely than someone was actually trying to break in. (And something tells me that the "pros" know how to disable alarms, whether on cars or houses or businesses.)

    But life is a crapshoot, in Uptown and elsewhere, you can come up with snake eyes, box cars or anything in between, and depending on the circumstances you win or lose. I lived in the "scary" (to whom?) nabe of Hyde Park and never had an incident. I lived in
    "upscale" Wrigleyville and was robbed twice. Now I'm in Uptown/Andersonville/Ravenswood and found a smashed window in my car...but not a single piece of personal property removed. (Steal my Cubs decorations, pals, and you are in BIG trouble!)

    Seems all anyone can do is be cognizant of the odds and gain some "street smarts." And be paid up on your insurance policy.