Monday, August 25, 2008

Uptowner Featured In "People Who Make Chicago A Better Place"

CARTER HOYT III Making music lessons affordable (free) in Uptown

Sun-Times, August 18, 2008

The People's Music School in Uptown opened its doors in February 1976 and within a few months, guitarist and music teacher Carter Hoyt III knew he had to be part of it.

"Music is ultimately an intricate part of everyone's soul," Hoyt says. "It's a part of humanity and what sets us apart from other species."

Unfortunately, Hoyt says, he realized not everyone has the financial means to study music, and that's where the school comes in. Students exchange a few hours of volunteer work assisting at the school for free music classes taught by professionals.

"Music has given so much to me, teaching here was a way to give back," he says.

Hoyt, who now teaches the school's music theory classes for adults, figures he has instructed thousands of students in both that subject and guitar.

"I'm here until they kick me out or I fall over from exhaustion," he says with a chuckle.


  1. This is a nice change. We need more of this on UU.

  2. Carter deserves this recognition and more. He's a terrific guy, a great teacher and part of a remarkable and beloved Uptown institution. Thanks to Carter and the People's Music School, I am able to read music, play my cello and enjoy it even when I make the old girl squeak. My neighbors likely have a much different report on that last count ;-)

  3. UU thanks for concentrating on the some of the good of Uptown & its people, we often lose perspective of that in all our concerns and criticisms. Myself especially!

  4. I think this is a nice change too, however, look at how interested people are in talking about something good about the neighborhood? :/ I like the architectural "where am I" posts too.

    On that note, I like taking my dog for walks in Uptown. He is especially friendly and interested in bringing people together, just because he is an equal opportunity cuddle bug who expects and demands pets from anyone he encounters. I've met a lot of sweet righteous people through him.