Monday, August 25, 2008

Bunny Rabbit Found - Is He Yours?

A domestic pet rabbit was found today in a reader's alley. He has an infection in his eye and needs his owners to find him! Please contact Courtney to identify and claim Mr. Hoppy.

(Photo not of actual found bunny.)


  1. How can you tell a domestic rabbit from a wild one?

    There are wild rabbits all over my yard and those little bastards dig up the lawn. They are getting pretty bad. Anyone know how to get rid of them?

  2. i love that you clarified that the pic was not the rabbit found! thanks for the laugh.

  3. A domestic rabbit lives in a condo and commutes downtown while complaining about the hood.

    A wild rabbit wears white t-shirts, bling, and hangs out on the corner.

    The wild rabbits have their own group that "works" for their benefit.

    Community of Uptown Rabbits for Affordability and Justice. COURAJ.

    One of its few members is Bugs Durham.

  4. RE: "how can you tell a domestic....."

    The wild rabbits are usually small, and tan or brown.

    The domestic ones are bigger, with more color variations.

    The wild rabbits do FAR less damage, than the squirrels do!!

  5. Pirate, that is a GOOD one!

    When I saw the picture, I immediately thought it was the bunny from Donnie Darko. Creepy!

  6. The marajuana they found on him was for his glaucoma. Lets not judge.

  7. Seriously, I have two house rabbits and they're NOT equipped to live outside like a wild rabbit--thank you for rescuing him/her! If no owner emerges (which is very possible as a lot of idiots just dump their pet rabbits outside), there's a wonderful no-kill shelter in Roger's Park called Red Door where you can bring him/her: