Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Police Seek Public's Help Finding Baby Wilson's Parents

Uptown Update received a message from a detective assigned to the Baby Wilson case. Please, if you have any information or can help identify Baby Wilson's parents, your assistance will be greatly appreciated.

If you have information that might help the investigation to locate this little survivor's mother or father, but want to remain anonymous, Uptown Update will forward it to the detective.

Write to uptownupdate@hotmail.com and be sure to say you want to be anonymous. We will forward your information, but not your contact information.

Please contact Detective Jennifer Ryle #20579, who works out of the Area Three Special Victims Unit located at Belmont and Western. She's assigned the case of the abandoned newborn boy who was found on 08 July 2008 at 4600 N Beacon.

Her contact information is:

Jennifer Ryle #20579
Detective, Special Victims Unit
Area Three Detective Division
312-744-8200 - Office
312-744-5130 - Fax

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