Wednesday, July 16, 2008

An Abandoned Light Pole ... Not Ours!

It was with a feeling of inevitability and disappointment that we spotted an ancient ripped community banner and weedy Christmas decorations attached to a light pole at the northwest corner of Lawrence and Clark. Yes, Christmas wreaths in July, and a banner so tattered that it wraps in a knot around the pole.

But when we got a closer look, we realized that the banner started with "Ra..." Not "Up..." Ravenswood! Not Uptown!

It's so rare that we get to feel like we have superior streetscaping to any of our North Side neighbors. So allow us a brief moment of Schadenfreude. They don't happen often.


  1. Don't mean to disappoint you, but the NW corner of Lawrence & Clark is in the 46th Ward. The western boundary of the 46th Ward has some strange twists and turns. When you are in Sheridan Park, the western edge of the ward is on the east side of N. Dover until you get to W. Lawrence, and then it heads west to N. Ashland where it heads up to W. Carmen.

    Believe me, I got to know the area well.

  2. lol, this one gave me a good laugh.

  3. On the same note, is there anyway to get these light poles painted? Take a look at them around the 46th Ward - paint flaking off and rusty. Most of the surrounding wards have had them painted black or replaced with ornamental lights.

    I guess wishing for an improvement like this makes me a "hater" of the poor though...