Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Movies At Cricket Hill

A reader sent us a note and schedule for outside movies in the park this summer:

Starting at dusk on July 10th and continuing on each Thursday through August 21st, a movie event will occur on the east slope of the toboggan hill, north of Montrose Harbor.

July 10 - Ferris Bueller's Day Off (PG-13)

July 17 - Guess Who's Coming to Dinner (PG-13)

July 24 - Transformers (PG-13)

July 31 - The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep (PG)

August 7 - A League of Their Own (PG)

August 14 - The Wiz (G)

August 21 - Dirty Dancing

August 28 - Rain Delay Day

September 4 - Rain Delay Day


  1. "Guess Who's Coming To Dinner." A perfect movie for Uptown and the Shillerista politicos.

    The storyline is about racism from the late 1960's. From the accusations of Shiller and her lefty friends, we're all still living in the 1960's. Everyone who owns property and is white must be a racist. They go hand in hand just like women's rights and Virginia Slims. (You've come a long way, baby!)

    Let's all hold hands and sing "The Age Of Aquarius," shall we?

  2. what happened to "Some like it hot on the 19th? It's listed on the chicago park district website to be playing at cricket hill.

  3. L - this entry is the 2008 listings! Go to the main UU page and look at the calendar on the right hand side of the page. All the Uptown movies are listed. Click on a movie listing and you'll see a link to the 2010 schedule.