Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Where Am I Located?

And, perhaps more important: Where was I located?


  1. It's one of the last surviving pieces of the wonderful polychrome terracotta that used to adorn the Plymouth/Uptown hotel, which is now located in the entryway of the slightly similar (but cheaper and much less ornate) condo building that replaced it (the same building Agami is in).

    Actually, the other pieces are probably still around, but the developers decided they'd rather sell them off than try to mount them on the new building. The only thing that somewhat mitigates the unfortunate decision to tear down the hotel is the above-the-call-of-duty job they did on the Borders/Goldblatt building restoration.

    Still, it hurt to lose that hotel, and I still miss the water tower (especially since such water towers are getting so rare these days).

  2. UptownWalker, your answer is not only correct, but much better than my explanation would have been.

    Congratulations! ;-)