Tuesday, June 17, 2008

More Closures On Montrose

Ald. Schulter sends information that may affect your commute:

Excavations and repairs need to occur at 1955 W. Montrose. Once again, Montrose Avenue between Damen and Ashland will be closed to through traffic. The Montrose Brown Line Station will remain open. The closure begins at 9:00 am on Thursday morning and should be completed by the end of Saturday.

And isn't this a nice sentiment from the alderman?

I know that the continuing closures on Montrose Avenue are a major inconvenience, but I am confident that the Department of Water Management is working around the clock to mitigate the ongoing damage caused by the water main break in January. The necessity of this work was discovered as the Department of Water Management prepared for the installation of new lining in this area. Thank you in advance for your patience.

Information! Apologies! Courtesy! We in the 46th Ward can only dream...


  1. This is a classic example of the passive-aggressive anti-Shiller(s) subtext running through many Uptown Update posts: a communication from another ward that has little or nothing to do with the 46th Ward is used to bash the alderman.

    And even if she did extend a similar courtesy, do you think Uptown Update commenters and her condo constituents would accept it a face value?

    Let the pile-on begin. And that can include Billyjoe along with Shiller(s).

  2. I look at it more as a "gee, look how every ward around us communicates with its residents." I'd be delighted if Shiller used her email system to do anything except send self-congratulatory "blasts" every freaking day before the election, and nothing since.

    I get emails from the 44th, 47th, and 48th Ward aldermen nearly every week. The Montrose closing affects Uptown, as well as the residents of the 47th Ward, and it's nice to get prompt and efficient notifications on what's going on.

    Billyjoe, some are hardcore Shiller haters here. Most, I think, would be happy and satisfied with an alderman -- even Shiller -- who communicated with the residents, met with them, and solicited their opinions on Ward issues.

    Seeing Shiller barricade herself in her office, not even addressing the community when a young man was murdered right in front of her office, is sobering. The Cone of Silence that has descended about Wilson Yard and Target is downright insulting. Knowing that she had her henchman, George Atkins, sitting in her office with a baseball bat, and asked for police protection -- FROM ANTI-VIOLENCE RALLYERS -- defies belief.

    Put it this way, would Uptown Update be necessary or have 5,000-plus hits a day in a community where the communication process is open and mutual between the alderman and the community?

  3. Well said Caring Neighbor.

    I was thinking, maybe Helen is not that tech savy? I don't want to make excusses for her, but she is a tad old and maybe she missed that whole computer boom. I think the Discovery Center teaches computers and web building classes. Maybe someone could get a class schedule to her?


    It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure it out. However, your spelling and grammar checks are always appreciated.

  5. No need to insult socialists. Even socialists would be offended by aspects of her leadership. She's just a thoroughbred Chicago politician with an extra special twist.

  6. extra special twist...I like that saskia ;)

  7. As a non-Shiller-hater my I remind you that with all the staff that she has, there can be more communication with the public.

    I don't think it's that difficult to do.

    "Alderman" = "Public Servant"

    I think more people would be less inclined to bash her and her staff on such blogs as this.

    And since the question was asked- Would you Billyjoe accept it all at face value? For the most part- I would.

  8. I look for Shiller to step down in the next two years if not sooner.

  9. well, she is eligible for her pension now...i'm sure she'll name her son Brenden (sp?) her successor...

  10. Think if she steps down Daley will name Wilson Yard after her? I can see it now...

    "The Helen Shiller Wilson yard project and Center For Children Who Can't Read Good And Wanna Learn To Do Other Stuff Good Too."

  11. I doubt it will be her son he has a better gig than putting up with all the bs being an Alderman.

    Smarter for him to have connections but not actually be an Alderman.

    It's a pretty thankless job.

    Daley will appoint someone else he owes a favor to.

  12. Funny how Billyjoe automatically goes after Uptown Dad.

    I'm not trying to start anything here- but I would like to know your answer to your own question: Would you accept anything written on Shiller's webpage at face value?

  13. did i offend somehow? our lovely posts are gone....... :(

  14. The guy that gardens Sunnyside erased them. I don't blame him, BJ throws us way off topic. We need a button to ignore certain members.

    Speaking of Sunnyside, there is some craziness going on there right now as I speak.

    My association is trying to get a camera installed at Magnolia and Sunnyside, any calls to the alderman or police would help.

    Sorry UU mod.

  15. Billyjoe managed to do his favorite troll trick, which is to change the discussion to (the thoughts, actions, spelling/grammar, psychology, marital status of) the people who post to the blog. And then he's accomplished his little trolling mission, which is to make the discussion (1) about him and (2) wildly off-topic.

    Don't feed the trolls.

  16. Billyjoe-


    Why is that so hard to ask without being deleted?

  17. Maybe 'cuz it's the third time you've asked, dude.

  18. Edward2nd:

    This original post had nothing to do with the veracity of Shiller's Web site. It was another facile, overreaching, passive-aggressive opportunity to slam the alderman, which I felt I needed to respond to. So I dont think I need to give you an answer.

  19. billyjoe, you are from Evanston,, concentrate on there

  20. uptown_dad - there are 2 streets you shouldn't buy on 1) Dakin and 2) Sunnyside....they're cursed.

  21. re: Uptown superhero's post...what IS the draw to this blog, BJ? Why are you attracted to a blog about a neighborhood you don't live in with a bunch of readers you think are ignorant and close-minded? I can understand the thrill of wanting to F*** with people just for the heck of it but that is bound to get old.

    Also, why do you like Helen Shiller so much? You like to jump at every chance you get to come to her aid. You even create opportunities to defend her (like what you did this morning.) Your devoted presence here indicates that you really want to accomplish something with the readers and UU. Wouldn't it just be more productive to come out and say it more directly or even create your own vehicle such as your own blog?

  22. Saskia is my favorite liberal. I would convert and vote for her.

    Ban Billyjoe 08'

  23. Awww...shucks! :)

    Seriously, BillyJoe...why don't you just say your piece? You are probably not going to get much traction here on the Helen Shiller topic but you may with some of your other concerns.