Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Puptown Receives $2,500 Grant

We received this press release with some good news for local pooches and their owners:

Puptown, the Uptown dog friendly area located at the south end of Margate Park at Marine Drive and Lawrence Avenue, has received a $2,500 grant from Purina® Dog Chow® brand Dog Food. Puptown was one of 11 parks nationwide to be selected for a grant. Purina® Dog Chow® brand Dog Food awards $40,000 in grants annually for maintenance and upkeep of dog-friendly areas across the country.

Funds will be used to install a barrier around the park perimeter to prevent small dogs and puppies from escaping into Margate Park or into traffic.

"We need to be sure that dogs of all sizes can safely enjoy the park," says John Lenti, vice president of Puptown Dog Owners Group, the local advisory council responsible for the operation and maintenance of the park. "We will be working with the Chicago Park District to ensure that the barrier is also aesthetically pleasing in keeping with the beauty of Margate Park. We hope to complete installation by the end of the summer."

Puptown Dog Owners Group, established in 1998, operates as a nonprofit organization. Parkways Foundation, the philanthropic arm of the Chicago Park District, serves as its fiscal agent. For more information on Puptown, go to http://www.puptown.org.


  1. I feel bad that nobody has left a comment about this grant.

    Is it true that they are going to use this money to install a few more storm drains so people have a few more places to throw their dogs plastic "poop bags?"

    This is a very dangerous thing as we are in the middle of an all out war against plastic "poop bags."

    A friend of mine got mugged by one of those Uptown "poop bags" last night. Thank god he didn't have sh*t on him.

    Help us Helen..help...ussssssss!

  2. I guess I am also bummed out no-one had left a comment, but I would prefer none to those that really don't make a lick of sense... I just wasted 10 seconds of my life reading the first comment.

  3. Smoke another one confused and then go read "Pet Owners And Landscaping Debris To Blame For Clogged Storm Drains" from the other day.

    Oh and dude, there is a reason they call it dope.

  4. I had read the post. I know exactly to what you were referring. If anyone understands your references to being attacked by poop bags and having Helen save us from a grant to a dog park, God Bless them...

    Great, now I just wasted ANOTHER 10 seconds of my life. Now, back to my bong...