Wednesday, June 18, 2008

More Empty Spaces Get Filled

A reader writes:

Just a heads up that another vacant storefront is disappearing. Work has been going on to the closed laundromat on the NW corner of Sheridan and Lawrence, in the JJ Pepper's plaza. New walls, paint, and floors, along with refurbished washers & dryers. The place looks to be opening up any day now!

Also, although it's been open for a few months, there is now a State Farm agency in one of the storefronts on the ground level of the Sheridan Grande.

Update: Post corrected to state the location as Sheridan and Lawrence.


  1. Sorry for correcting you, but do you mean Sheridan and Lawrence (not Broadway)?

    I just noticed the remodeling the other day and was glad that something was going in there. That plaza always sketched me out a little. It'll be nice to have traffic there that doesn't involve drugs!

  2. Love the irony of this posting. "Coin Laundries" attract the type of people that many Uptown Updaters want out of their community--people too poor to have laundry in their residences or buildings.

    That coin laundries are "cash" businesses is also problematic. They're like sitting ducks for armed robberies.

  3. Ah yes. Leave it to billyjoe to not let reality prevent his loyalty to his mantra of how Uptown Update people are evil condo owners who hate the poor.

    Shocking how some of us operate from the simple principle that legitimate businesses are better than vacant storefronts...

  4. Something isn't ironic when the ironic relationship is being assumed/manufactured by someone other than the speaker.

    I own a condo. I support diversity. I have used a coin laundry in the past. I live close to a coin laundry that I have no problems with at all. I think billyjoe is reaching.

  5. The clientele at coin laundries is reflective of the surrouding demographics, not income level. When I lived in the "hot" areas of Lakeview, the coin laundry I used was mostly populated by 20-something year old college grads and young mothers trying to get 6 loads of laundry done all at once.

  6. A lot of older convertered apartment buildings in Lakeview and Uptown will not allow you to have in unit W/D.

  7. Even with my in unit W/D I sometimes go to a coin laundry b/c it just gets done a hell of a lot faster. Doing 6 loads in the time it takes to do 1 helps just get it done.

  8. I sometimes go to the Laundromat in the strip mall off of Lawrence and Broadway. I've always found it to be a diverse crowd, be it income level, ethnicity, sex or sexual orientation.

    If, as 'confused' writes, laundromats are "reflective of the surrounding demographics", Uptown has a great variety of people in its community. I welcome another laundromat!

  9. Actually, Billy Joe, most "evil gentrifiers" would LOVE it if the shelter dwellers and SRO residents of Uptown would launder their clothes once in a while. :P

    Couldn't resist that joke, even though it was just wrong to say...

  10. uptownr don't apologize, it's true...but I do LOVE coin laundry - get all your wash done at one time...

    anders is right, good to see something go in - hopefully it will stave off crime a little...i mean how many times has JJ Pepper's been robbed???...but of course that has nothing to do with the 'hood....