Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Room With A View

This is one of our favorite views of Uptown, as seen today from the large window on the second floor of Borders. If you enlarge the pic you can see that Crew is now blue, and the Riv building has a full window advertisements for Bank of America around the entire first floor. Oh, and the police "caution" tape is still hanging from the light pole in the center island after being reported countless times.


  1. Isn't the "Garda" the Irish police? I'm wondering why they're hanging around outside Borders.

    My theories: IrishPirate has really gone and done it this time! Or, someone turned the wrong way at Greenland. Or, more filming. Or, something I'm totally ignorant about (the list is long).

  2. That "Garda" van belongs to a company that specializes in security, investigations, and cash handling. They also service ATM's. I think. The colors are the same as on their website.

    Just google it.

    The Irish "Garda" refers to their national police force. They don't have local police forces.

    As for me I am being quiet. I took a walk yesterday through Graceland and that always calms my nerves. I won't be taking any hot young actresses "hostage" any time soon.

    Police: "Come out with your hands up".

    IP: "Can I put on my pants first?"

    Police: "Please do, you don't want all these hardened,cynical, tactical cops to feel inadequate now do you?"

    Hot young actress: "Can you coppers wait a few more minutes"?

    Police: "We're here to save you".

    Hot young actress: "But I don't want to be saved."

    IP: "Can someone bring me a Guinness and some antibiotics?"

    Police: "WTF"

  3. More green! Not a tree or planter(s)in sight!

    (Okay, there's probably some probably some planters in front of CREW, but I can't see 'em.)

  4. If only the picture included large 'U-P-T-O-W-N' letters in front of Uptown Theatre. Hopefully soon. And if Borders moves out, that 2nd floor could be a nice venue for restaurant/cafe/lounge.

  5. This area severly lacks green space - and as mentioned before, that triangle would look cool with vegetation (by that, I don't mean weeds).

    Since this area encompasses 2 wards - will either alderman care about doing a little streetscaping?

  6. Wasn't Crew blue before?

  7. If they green the triangle where are the ass clowns that work security for the concerts going to park?

    Real smart.. They are all police who park there. I for one do not care where they park! Extra eyes for free! They make sure there is no problems along that area when there is a show at the Riv. at someone elses expense.

  8. Imagine the Lawrence Entertainment Square. Racine becomes a one-way street going north, so the concrete triangle has been redesigned. Now extends the sidewalk. Fountain sits in the center.

    Newly designed benches and planters line the street with places for read a newspaper, sip some coffee, talk to a neighbors.

    New trees bring shade in the summer, new street lights direct lighting onto the busy, people-filled sidewalks.

    Cafes overflowing with people enjoying the resurgence of Uptown.