Sunday, May 4, 2008

Lights Out On Agatite

A reader writes:
The 900 block of Agatite is completely dark tonight after thieves/vandals ripped out all of the wiring to the street lights for the copper. I made a call to 311 on my way out of town on Friday regarding this, and upon arriving back tonight, saw that nothing had been done.

Would it be possible to ask people to call 311 and to also keep an eye out for those responsible for these actions? The current state of darkness makes it very inviting for all types of criminals to thrive.

So please give a call to 311 and report this. Ask the 311 operator to mark it urgent and mention it's been going on for at least three nights now.


  1. This is happening in other places too. For example, Cleveland has had a problem with copper wiring and plumbing being stripped away. Of course, in Cleveland it was happening from homes that were abandoned or foreclosed upon. In Uptown, it is happening to public property and no one wants to do anything about it.

  2. This was discussed at our CAPS meeting. The crime takes place during the day when the electricity is off.

  3. call 311 and GET A TRACKING NUMBER so you can follow up.

  4. I would suggest that if you see someone working on the light poles/power cables regardless if they look legit to call 911 and report a theft in progress. Let the cops sort out who is legit and who is not.

  5. The lights are back on tonight. Thanks to everyone who called 311. It seems to have worked.