Sunday, May 4, 2008

CAPS Beat 2311 Meeting And Security Camera Discussion

Sheridan Park Beat 2311 CAPS meeting will be held this Tuesday, May 6th at Truman College from 7-8. (Please ask the guard which room, as this info has not been provided yet to us.) At 8 o'clock, a representative from a camera security company will come to talk about the options residents have to put security cameras both in and outside of their buildings. We will also be discussing upcoming positive loitering events and an upcoming street safety seminar.

Note: Sheridan Park 2311 CAPS beat is from Lawrence to Montrose and from Clark to Broadway.


  1. yay CAPS meeting! Who's going?

  2. Does anyone have a report on the meeting this past Tuesday? i was unable to attend and wanted to knwo what was discussed. I assume they discussed all of the recent gun violence.

  3. I've never been to a CAPS meeting, but I would like to attend the next one, so please keep us posted. We need to do something about the homeless men living in our alley between 4600 N. Clark and Dover Streets. We neighbors have called 911 so many times, all they do is ask them to leave. They always come back and sit around drinking all night near our garages!