Friday, May 30, 2008

Hook, Line And Sinkhole

A reader reports that the sinkhole at Magnolia and Leland that burst last month has finally been filled in (after a week of being open, as pictured above).

It now boasts a concrete base that should (we hope) hold back "the bubbling crude" that came shooting out of the street in April.


  1. It will happen again. What no one is telling the local residents is the city only replaced the aging main that goes down the center of the street. The burst and repair took place in the lines that go from the main to the box by the sidewalk. That line is still ancient as is the privately owned line that goes from the sidewalk box to the condo association it serves.

    It is just a matter of time until the next burst.

    So pay your real estate taxes into the Wilson TIF that was justified by aging sewers and water mains and then sit back and enjoy the view of the new low income housing projects and the CTA park-and-ride facility and the Truman College parking garage that your TIF funds bought instead of fixing your sewers!

  2. I think you have it backward UU. The hole pictured is how it has been for a week. The crew that repaired the water main break put a temporary patch of asphalt over it. The hole was dug up again and people have had to drive around it at the busy intersection for over a week now. Not sure when they plan to finish the repairs. If the clogged storm gutters are any indication, it could be all summer before someone remembers to repair this problem.

  3. you're right! it is not filled yet! it should have been filled by the 30th, per no parking street signs. However this morning i walked past and was disgusted to see that it looked like someone squirted tar in it and hadn't filled it either!! WTF?? fix the hole already. garbage is starting to collect. i will take a picture tonight and send in, hopefully it will be filled....