Friday, May 30, 2008

Meanwhile, Over In The 48th Ward...

... where there's actual development ...

The Annoyance Theatre & Bar is bringing back its signature show, Co-Ed Prison Sluts, which is wildly funny and wildly un-PC. Enjoy!


  1. I saw that back in 1991 or so.

    Horribly funny. Disturbing. Sorta like living in the 46th Ward only less gunfire.

  2. It was disturbing to you, Irish Pirate? I am sorta scared... :)

  3. There's a reason it remains the longest running musical in Chicago - it's funny as all H-E-dubble-toothpicks. If you don't blush easily, or even if you do, go see this show!

  4. I cant wait to see this!! I have seen the Rise and Fall of CAWC (which was renewed i think 3 times now?) a few times and i cant wait to see this!! my boyfriend's brother-in-law is in it!! Sooo funny!