Thursday, April 17, 2008

Reminder: Stop Labor Ready Fundraiser Tonight

Just a friendly reminder to join your neighbors at Nick's on Wilson (1140 W. Wilson) tonight at 7pm for the "Stop Labor Ready" fundraiser. Funds are still needed to file a lawsuit to stop this business from opening a location near a school, boys and girls club, and a play lot. Donations are tax deductible. Spread the word and bring a neighbor!


  1. Conflict alert -- this is the exact same time and day as the CAPS meeting for this area.... Sigh.

  2. LOL

    You can't stop Labor Ready it's a done deal so take that money and put it to go use somewhere else.

    Perhaps stopping Wilson Yard!

  3. Two ideas...

    1) Go to CAPS first, Nick's second - the event is from 7 to 9 PM.

    2) Come to Nick's and get the minutes from the CAPS meeting - it's really important to have you at Nick's!

    Hope to see you!


    Join'll see!

  5. I will bet you 100 dollars you can't stop Labor Ready.

  6. Talk is cheap, anon 2:30.

    Since I am not sure which rat hole to find you in, why don't you come to Nick's tonight or why don't you just send your donation in like everyone else? If you win the "bet" you can get your $100 back + $100 worth of True Blue stock so that you can profit off the backs of the poor more directly.

    So, if you really want to bet---you're on.

  7. Having lived in Uptown for more than a few summers, I know it's really easy to get into the we can't do it place.

    That being said, I have never seen this neighborhood so energized, so organized, and so ready to work for the good of our community.

    If everyone decides to direct just a little more energy and effort, along with believing, we can do it.

  8. It's a rat hole alright because of all you people that want it to be Lincoln Park but couldn't afford to buy there.

    Labor Ready is awesome as is 711 as is Helen Shiller.

  9. Anon 4:11 - you figured everything out didn't you. To quote a chef "You're a tool and a douche bag!"

  10. don't encourage trolls

  11. Please enlighten me as to why everything is awesome because I can't seem to get my hands on enough of the Kool-Aid to start believing the lies.

    I always sorta thought that democracy was awesome and that social justice was awesome. But I guess in Uptown if you drink enough of the Kool-Aid you start thinking that pimping out people to the lowest bidder and crony-ism are awesome. Please enlighten me.

  12. I've lived here 20 years and I've yet to see one of Helen's self-described "done deals" come to fruition. She's a big bluffer -- no wonder that Brendan the Heir Apparent enters $10,000 poker tournies.

    My bet is that Labor Ready doesn't want to go into litigation. Even if they "win" the right to have their storefront where they propose it, they know that an very activist community will be keeping an eagle eye on them and will make them comply with the letter of the law.

    Why bother when there are so many other (better) locations that would welcome day labor and don't have community lawsuits?

  13. You peope need to learn how Chicago works.

    You have little influence.

  14. You know what, 5:30? If people had that attitude we would still be under British rule. I still believe in our country. If "influence" is what is needed in order to receive fair treatment by my government then I want that proven to me. And, if it is proven to me that "influence" is needed, I will fight that too. Nothing is more precious to me than my liberty and the principles upon which this nation was founded and I know that I am not alone.

  15. Anon 5:30

    Spoken like a true fool, or someone on the take.

    Either way, if you don't have the will or the balls to stand up for true change (not the Barak "I endorsed Stroger and Blago" Obama kinda' change), then at least step aside and let the adults get back to work.


  16. Thanks, Nick's, for a very nice evening!

  17. I am encouraged that Uptown citizens are taking action to restore our neighborhood for all.

    It's not about stopping Labor Ready, it's about bringing balance and opporunity to Uptown.

    Change your thinking, change your world.

    For too long, Uptown has been the dumping ground for poorly managed social service agencies paid by the headcount and not results.

    For too long,Uptown holds the dubious honor of Chicago's social services Capital with 80+ agencies

    For too long, Uptown has stockpiled poor people in segregated all low income housing.

    For too long, Uptown's subsidized housing has swelled to almost
    6,000 rental units. By comparison, Cabrini Green in it's hayday had 3,500 rental units.

    Let's fix what we have, let's not bring more of what failed.

    For too long, we have antiquated public policy that's keeps the poor, the mentally ill,

  18. I'm unemployed right now, so couldn't afford to go to a fundraiser. For those who went, how was the turnout?

  19. It was fairly packed. I'm not sure yet how much money was raised but it was clear from the event that a lot of people had had enough. We also heard a few local politicians were also concerned about Helen's actions.

    Sorry you didn't make it though. I paid for someone to attend who didn't have a job but I understand sometimes it's uncomfortable to ask if you need it.

  20. "Activist community keeping an eagle on things?" PAH-LEEZE!! For all the hullabaloo over a temp labor business looking to employ people who want to WORK...going into a storefront near a school and kid's club instead of going in Ravenswood??? Doing a fundraiser to stop THIS??? You people ought to be ashamed of yourselves.

    I fail to see why there is SO much effort going into this red herring when the people living in the Wilson Yard TIF District have to practically pull teeth to get you to understand that millions of taxpayer dollars manipulated by Shiller for her own purposes will be going into BRICK and MORTAR that will affect the entire neighborhood adversely for DECADES to come. You want to do something that matters? Get off your butts and do advocacy and fundraising to stop WILSON YARD, because of the lack of community input, the environmental problems, the social problems, and the corrupt use of tax dollars to bring in more gang residents from outside the neighborhood to live in Cabrini Green-style "private" housing financed almost entirely by your neighbors against their will. You want to be "community activists"? Fine. Do it with something that REALLY matters instead of p***ing into the wind against Labor Ready in a way that makes you look like elitist screwballs. WE NEED HELP HERE, PEOPLE.

  21. Anon, 10:34. I am working to stop labor ready and I am with you 100% on the WY issue. I want to help with that and I will donate money. However, it is unclear what exactly can be done. People are looking into it but I guess we are just in the "getting informed & angry" stage still.

    You misunderstand the Labor Ready issue but rather than going into all of it here, I suggest that you visit their website. On that issue, there is a very clear basis upon which to file a legal case and it is one step in re-asserting the community's right to be heard. WY is more complex and cannot be so directly challenged legally.

    Please don't call me an elitist screwball. Read up on the Labor Ready issue a bit more and you might change your tune. If nothing else I am fighting back and refusing to accept the status quo around here. You should be fighting with me, not against me.