Thursday, April 17, 2008

When Will Wilson Avenue Businesses Benefit?

Letters to News-Star:
While it is encouraging to hear about the TIF's being allocated to a new development slated for Jimmy Gouskos on Lawrence, it is disappointing to other business owners in the community who are offered nothing by (46th Ward) Alderman Helen Shiller nor will we probably ever receive funding because of current TIF's being tied up in Wilson Yards. I own Unique So Chique on Wilson Avenue. I have been on Wilson for 9 years and there are many business owners, I am certain, who feel as I do. What about TIF money for our businesses? We were we also told by Alderman Shiller's office that we (certain Wilson businesses) fall in between boundaries and that we are also not eligible for SBIF's provided to small businesses. So how and when will we ever benefit from all our hard work on Wilson Avenue? I would be glad to discuss, in greater detail, mine and other businesses frustrations as well as the newly formed Wilson Area Merchants Association ( Thank you.

Robert Davis


  1. Different TIFs. The Lawrence TIF has funds. The Wilson Yard TIF doesn't since all funds have been allocated to subsidize the Wilson Yard development.

    Go get a SBA loan if you need some cash. The Wilson Yard TIF funds should be used for a new streetscape along Wilson and Broadway (Montrose to Argyle) and a new CTA station at Wilson.

    Unfortunately, the current Alderman doesn't have a clue on how to attract capital, new retail, or improve the community so that families can or would want to stay. The commercial areas of Uptown are a dump, despite the regular cleaning done by the SSA crews.