Monday, April 7, 2008

A Disturbing Reminder Remains

A reader sent in the following pic showing blood on the sidewalk (near Leland and Marine) on Sunday from Saturday's shooting in front of Weiss Hospital. Let's hope this has been cleaned up by now.


  1. Had not heard about this latest shooting in Uptown. Any details?

    Is this part of the slew of gang related shootings? Can anyone recap the rash of Uptown's spring violent crimes?

    Were there any arrests for the 3 murders last September?

  2. We haven't found any more info than what was on the Uptown Crime Blotter Blog. Check out the link in the post for a bit more info, or contact your Alderman's office for more info.

  3. The rain will wash it away. Just a little blood.

  4. While you were busy pointing and shooting this money shot, did it ever occur to you to maybe get a push broom and some Clorox and actually ACT on this ugly stain or is standing around pointing, complaining and moaning easier for you to handle. I think this site is great when it informs but there are a core group of people that do nothing other than armchair quarterback while the rest of us ACT. Typical hippie crap.

  5. I'm all for picking up garbage. I do it all the time. It's a little much to suggest that residents should be walking around with a broom & bleach to clean up blood.

    It's reasonable to suggest that the city should be cleaning this up and the fact that we even had a shooting should be concerning.

  6. "The point of this post is that this kind of crap should never happen, you idiot."

    Along with it being pointed out that this stuff DOES happen and we never hear about it from Shiller. She's all about email blasts when it comes to putting blue recycling bins around, but we never hear anything about the bloodbaths, the gangs, and the crime (except denials). Has she ever acknowledged the three murders in September?

    Disturbing images like this let us know what's going on. And volunteer, no-personal-profit blogs like this, and the guy who posts from the police scanner, are doing more to tell us what's going on in our streets than those who are paid to do so.

    How many hours do UU and scanner guy put in a week to inform us?

    Anon 11:23, you're bitching because no one came running over with bleach to clean up blood?! And you have the nerve to accuse UU of not doing anything productive?

    Man. I hope you're out there now with bleach, because from where I'm sitting, you're the one who needs to do something for this community. UU is doing PLENTY.

  7. Handling blood is dangerous and the city should clean it up, immediately.

  8. Truman Square Neighbor,
    I'm not bitching that nobody is cleaning it up. I am fully behind the informed initiative and action that blogs like UU provide. I am frustrated by people who over simplify the solutions to gangs, crime and violence that, last time I checked, was the jurisdiction of the CHICAGO POLICE DEPARTMENT.My issue in regards to street crime is with the men and women with the bright lights and handcuffs who aren't catching the criminals. I just don't see how some old bag in a ward office is supposed to be responsible for crime fighting.

  9. It sounds like you've been infected with the dreaded disease called "low standards syndrome". Helen is one of the primary carriers of this disease.

    Aldermen in other wards have reps attend CAPS meetings in order to coordinate efforts to reduce and prevent crime. Ald. Smith hired someone for her office whose primary responsibility is to address public safety.

    The only cure I know of is to step outside the ward and look around at what other aldermen are doing. Do it quickly though because the infection can otherwise cause blindness if left untreated.

  10. I am not sure how a local citizen could responsibly clean this up. No one should attempt to handle human bodily fluids as if it were a spilled can of soda. Throwing bleach on it would actually mean throwing bleach down the sewer, which would be illegal. Someone probably would need a power hose, but how would be you be able to hook one up?

    I am not sure how a regular citizen should go over there and clean it up? If someone told me how to do it properly, I would pitch in and do it.

  11. That's really sad.

  12. call 311??? i mean, what do you do about something like this?

  13. It would be nice if people would publish their names or at least use an id that is not annoymous so we can differiante between repeat posters and new comments.

    It is very frustrating trying to follow the string when everyone is annoymous.

  14. Todd,
    We have said that repeatedly. Folks, you just have to select the Name/URL, NO PASSWORD, and then PUBLISH YOUR COMMENT. It's not hard, we promise.

  15. 11:23 & 12:32
    That's me. Sorry.

  16. See how easy that is? We think people must assume they have to have a profile somewhere with a password. This is not the case. You can change your name EVERY TIME you comment, although we don't suggest that. Just remember CLICK NAME/URL, make up a name, and click PUBLISH. It's that easy and will save people the grief of trying to decipher who said what. Carry on.

  17. As far as getting the blood cleaned up, I am sure Uptown Updater had that image emailed to him, and did not take the pic on his own. If it is your assumption that he should have grabbed a bottle of bleach and some latex gloves after opening the image in his e-mail then that is crazy. For all we know the person who took the image did clean it up nothing was written that said it has not been taken care of or if it has who took care of it.

    As far as the shot being a money shot how much money do you think that photo gleaned for Uptown Update?

    All his post did was show tangible proof that there was in fact an incident, early Sunday morning. If it were not for this shot how else would we know. It certainly did not make the Sun Times or the Tribune, and this shot could have been a money shot for them, as they do generate revenue or attempt to anyway.

  18. I have to tell you how traumatizing it is to be driving into work and to realize that you have someone's blood splatter on your windsheild. Not only did the city not clean up the street but they didn't clean my car. They didn't bother notifying me that my car was basically a crime scene.

    And the sad part is that it was not until the posting this morning did I find out what happened. Crime in Uptown is so rampant that the local news does not even consider it news anymore.

  19. Uptown is not unique in terms of under-reported violence. I have lived at Buena & Broadway, Kedzie & Logan, Diversey & California and North & Kimball over the past 18 years. I have either witnessed or seen the immediate aftermath of young black white and/or latino kids that have gotten shot, stabbed or beaten in all of these areas more times than any news has reported. Some people's life is just not valued so not worth reporting when they are victims. It is not just an Uptown thing and you cannot convince me that an alderman who is incharge of fixing curbs and street light holds the answer to stopping street violence. I agree with some criticism but the alderman no matter who will never be a superhero like some of us demand.

  20. I can't speak for everyone, but I'm not asking Ald. Shiller to be a superhero. I'm asking her to send a representative to the CAPS meetings in the 46th Ward, just as other aldermen do throughout Chicago. I'm asking that the Alderman's office coordinate with us and the police to bring about solutions that make Uptown better for everyone. If a business owner, school, house owner, condo building, apartment building, or not-for-profit agency needs a little nudging to address a chronic problem, I ask that Ald. Shiller do that.

    Those are not high expectations. Those are the same expectatins that most constituents have of their alderman and it's what most aldermen do.

    When those kinds of things don't happen, and when she attempts to create an illusion of her CAPS involvement by holding a CAPS rally a month before the election (without even notifying the CAPS beat facilitator), you can expect many residents to get upset.

  21. uptown updater,

    Since it's so easy for commentors to enter a name rather than post as "Anonymous", then why not improve the quality of the discussion by disabling the anonymous feature entirely? As you say, people would still be technically anonymous, but it would be far easier to follow the discussion.

    I used to enter a name for each post, and I appreciated it when you briefly turned off the anonymous feature before. However, since you turned it back on (not getting enough traffic, perhaps?), I decided I might as well post as "Anonymous" since everyone else was doing it.

  22. To the 11:05 anonymous, why are you so obsessed with the name/anonymous thing?

    How funny though that while you complain about people posting as anonymous you do the SAME thing!! and even make up some lame excuse for doing it.

  23. Juan Almaro,
    an alderman has many tools at his/her disposal when addressing crime. Most incidents center around a few problem individuals living in a few problem buildings. It's not hard to meet with those "slum landlords", irresponsible owners/managers and "encourage" them to better their building(s).
    Many years ago I would watch people shooting-up sitting on the window ledge in the building across the street from me. I watched the drug dealers sell drugs 24 hours a day in front of the building. The police did very little. The drug house ordinance was fairly new and so I called the States Attorney, they put me off because they wanted to hear from someone higher up. Our police commander was a joke so I called Alderman Shiller and talked to her personally she said she would not get involved because "it's not my priority". I got other neighbors involved and I pounded the police and the States Attorney with calls week after week. It took 4 years for the States Attorney to finally take action that finally resulted in the building being sold and cleaned up. I put in hundreds and hundreds of hours - had Alderman Shiller spent one hour on this issue it would have been solved in half the time.

  24. I have posted regarding anonymous before. I can't find which threat I made my comments on but my feelings remain the same. First, it gives newcomers a "low barrier to entry" way to jump in. They might post a few times with some short comments and then their on-line "personality" emerges. It is sort of interesting to watch this develop. The second benefit to "anonymous" is that if you are a frequent poster and you come with a lot of neighborhood information as well as personal commentary, over time it would be possible to determine who you are in real life. Given how ruthless Uptown's "powers" are to their enemies, that is not cool and would destroy what is happening here.

    The "anonymous" option isn't working perfectly, but I think it is working to keep the discussion flowing & new information coming in. That said, I would encourage someone who feels strongly about an issue in a thread and wants to come back and post to at least identify themselves as "anonymous 12:15" or whatever so that people know they are talking to the same person.

  25. Was it cleaned up yet

  26. Anonymous @ 7:26 am,

    How funny that your lame attack post misses the intentional irony of my posting as anonymous!


    I agree with your "low barrier to entry" argument. However, entering a made-up name instead of clicking the "Anonymous" button is NO LESS anonymous, and no more of a barrier to entry. As UU points out, a poster can use an entirely different name every time they post. In fact, if they're determined, they can still enter "anonymous" as their name. The only difference between the two methods--and it's a critical difference--is that allowing the "Anonymous" posting leads to a confusing and tedious discussion.

    Now, the thing I don't buy is this "ruthless Uptown powers" argument. Even if you post with an official Google/Blogger identity, it's easy to hide your true identify if that's your intention. In fact, although the owner of Uptown Update seems to fear these "ruthless" powers and wants to remain anonymous himself (his perogative, of course), it's a shame because I personally believe this blog would have more influence if he was willing to take a stand in the real world that mirrored the postering he takes on this blog. After all, the "ruthless" political powers at work on the federal level are much more powerful that the "ruthless" powers in a couple of Chicago wards, but every single one of the most influential political blogs (Drude, Kos, take your pick) have effected change by not being afraid to put their true name behind their posts.

    uptown updater,

    I was hoping to get an answer from you... Since you explained on this thread how easy it is to enter a name when posting and still remain anonymous, what is your argument for still allowing people to automatically post using the "anonymous" name?

  27. Anonymous 3:40-
    Our reasoning for allowing anonymous posting is simple. It allows more people to contribute. You, for example are contributing, albeit anonymously. There are some people who prefer it. We encourage comments from everyone. We have noticed that lately more people are using usernames or made up names which is great and allows people to follow the discussion easier. If some people choose not to, so be it. This blog is still relatively new, (one year in May is coming up) and with the new influx of readers, it will take a while for everyone to discover the in's and out's of commenting.
    Now back to the discussion at hand please.

  28. If only he could take a stand in the "real world?" How in the hell do you know that he and the other contributors on this blog do not? That is a pretty broad assumption buck-o. And I seriously doubt they "fear the ruthless powers." I bet it is more a matter of wanting to make a change in this neighborhood and still stay under the radar to avoid drama or whatever else comes up. I believe the Sun-Times article stated that he did was not seeking fame. What a moron.

  29. Ok, anonymous 3:40. I'll bet that you've convinced some people to put something in the name/url section. I support anything that keeps the conversation flowing and this wouldn't be too burdensome. Maybe people will choose to do it in order to reduce chaos in the threads.

  30. malden-man,

    I never said he does nothing in the real world, just that the blog would have more influence with a real identity behind it. I also said it was his perogative to remain anonymous, just that I personally thought it was a shame. Also, in the article about Uptown Update that was repeated here, it said "You'll have to forgive him for not revealing his identity. He's just a regular guy working a regular job who doesn't want to get hassled for blowing the whistle -- or taking shots at Ald. Helen Schiller (46th)." I admit that not wanting to get hassled is not quite the same as "fearing the ruthless powers", but the sentiment IS the same. I was just adopting Saskia's colorful language in my response.

    Therefore, buck-o, stuff it. Find some other moronic thing to rant about.

    uptown updater,

    You're missing the point. By your own words, you acknowleged that ANYONE can post anonymously just by entering a made-up name. Therefore, allowing the Anonymous radio button does NOT allow more people to contribute. What it does allow is an easy path to obfuscating the discussion. My view is that having a discussion where all the posts come from "anonymous" is more of a detriment to discussion than an asset.

  31. Was the Blood picked up?

  32. I'll go by there tomorrow and report back in.

  33. Anonymous 7:25pm
    Start your own blog, ok?

  34. Thanks Anonymous 8:28. We look forward to your report.

  35. Good to see Shiller is finally communincating via blogs. Shiller, if you do not like it, well then move to another blog. Take your own advice. Maybe BuenaPark Neighbors blog. looks like there is one person left on that one. You should find it a great place to communicate to noone, as you do so well. Atleast you can say you are hip to the blogs.

  36. anonymous@8:46,

    So what you're saying is, any criticism of this blog is not welcome on this blog? Well, there's a solution that would help with that--disable anonymous comments!


    It's very childish to assume that any criticism of this blog comes from Shiller. I could just as easily claim that you're uptown updater expressing your true feelings under an anonymous post. I don't really believe that, of course, if only because it's obvious that you're not very "hip to the blogs" yourself--since you don't seem to realize that Buena Park Neighbors is NOT a blog!

  37. This is inane. The anon person asking for no more anon posts didn't seem like a troll--just someone who wanted to keep better track of threads. Sometimes I feel that way but since I check back often it isn't hard for me to follow what is going on.

    There are good reasons why UU leaves the anonymous option & plenty of people are willing to put some sort of name in just to reduce the chaos. We'll be ok.

    I am a HUGE fan of Uptown Update but it is a little concerning when people get slammed hard-core for offering a dissenting opinion on something. If so many people here object to all of the fascism by "the powers" then we've got to accept that reasonable people can disagree.

  38. "Was the Blood picked up?"

    I'm thinking that tonight's weather has rendered this a non-issue.

    (Dang, that was some loud thunder!)

  39. to anonymous at 3:40 pm-

    That's your idea of "irony"?

    Are you ironic by birth? Because I see that you continue to post as anonymous while bashing the very idea.

  40. Did a couple of comments get deleted?

    j. fonda,There's no excuse for UU revealing someon... - Pastor Martin Niemöller

    "Was the Blood picked up?"I'm thinking that tonigh... - truman square neighbor

    It's okay to out he who must not be named because ... - J. Fonda

    There is some sort of disconnect, UU, to say this:... - Lawrence Lad

  41. I drove by where I thought it would be this morning taking my toddler to preschool. (Sorry I was not able to get out and walk it.) If it was near the garbage can at Marine in front of Weiss, it appears to be gone. And, despite the rain, it did look like it may have been scrubbed. (There was a rust colored stain and no pattern could be seen.)

    I hope the guy who got shot is ok.

  42. JP Paulus! Glad to see you back in the 'hood. I was wondering if you would care to comment on the the righteousness of Labor Ready's special use permit? I am a protestant myself but a lot of what I think about such things comes from Pope John Paul II's Laborem Exercens. It seems to me (and JP II) that the suffering of the poor must not only be addressed through affordable housing but also through non-exploiting work as well. Why have people of faith been so silent on this issue?

    Hope to see you on the Labor Ready threads on this blog.

  43. Wow, it looks like I have been censored along with a few other dissenting opinions! Not cool. We'll see how long this stays up.

    All I said was that there is a disconnect between a blog that claims to respect anonymity and the right of people to post anonymously, and then goes ahead and outs certain user statistics and sarcastically reports how often a particular person views the site.

    If my post and others were deleted simply because the blog owner didn't like to hear what was said, it was childish. Is this a forum for discourse, as advertised, or merely a site with an ax to grind?

  44. I don't know what happened to the posts but I said similar stuff 3 times so I don't know if the "censorship" argument is credible.

  45. I'd say the censorship stuff is very credible. Three or four posts in a row don't randomly disappear, leaving the remainder intact. Apparently UU can only take criticism as long as it's not directed towards him. Sad.

  46. So, UU...what happened to the missing posts? I have been in favor of the other times that you deleted posts (i.e.,trolls making racist comments). But what happened here? Just askin' cause I am a true fan and want to see this site be all it can be.

  47. looks like everyone forgot this is about BLOOD ON THE SIDEWALK!

    new to the blog but glad to see my pissy ass neighbors are not alone in the world.

    how about less criticism and more discussion about how we can make some changes.

    and i am only choosing anonymous b/c i can't figure out how else to get this to work.

  48. anonymous @ 6:14,

    New to the blog my ass. Oh, and welcome!

    So, UU...what happened to the missing posts? Why would you say you're trying to encourage comments...and then go and delete them?

  49. Obviously someone has a burr up his or her ass re: the anon posts. But, this thread happens to be about blood on the sidewalk and our latest murder. I'd kindof like to get back to the issue at hand.

    Or is distraction your intent? Sort of like spending 9 months to discuss the proper terminology for discussing prostitution while the prostitute kills the kid. I think there's an entire chapter on this technique in the Saul Alinksy activist handbook.

  50. As you know, this is a blog, and I can't start my own posts. Therefore, I don't care if the original topic here was to talk about how tacky it is to post a picture of a victim's blood.

    The topic now is concern over the fact that UU decided to delete comments that were critical of him, even as he stated that he's trying to encourage more people to contribute. There's a disconnect there, much like the disconnect that was referred to in one of the deleted posts, repeated here:

    lawrence lad said...

    There is some sort of disconnect, UU, to say this:

    Our reasoning for allowing anonymous posting is simple. It allows more people to contribute. You, for example are contributing, albeit anonymously. There are some people who prefer it. We encourage comments from everyone...

    While you, at the same time, publically post one particular user's statistic, i.e., how many times they've visited the blog, etc.

    How can you claim to support the right to anonymous comments, and yet disrespect a user's right to remain anonymous?

  51. Isn't that burr up your ass beginning to hurt? I know it's beginning to bother me.

  52. I'm for abortion and against capital punishment. It doesn't make sense, but those are my positions.

    I love to be able to be anonymous and I giggled when Holsten was outed. I don't have a problem with it.

    I guess the answer if you don't like something is to start your own blog. Your incessant whining will get you no where.

  53. Oh, Pleeezzzz... Get a grip.

  54. In Uptown we have alot of persons claiming victim status but you are the cetainly first to claim it based upon the Anonymous post.

    I think that is, indeed, a new one even to Uptown social service agencies.

  55. "It's easy to chuckle at another's misfortune--at least until you become the target."

    That's silly silly silly, as Daley would say. Holsten is hardly a victim. I can see him cry all right. He's shedding tears of joy as he cashes in on this TIF.

  56. I never saw the deleted posts but someone had the nerve to compare Holsten to Holocaust victims? An "outing" on a blog and a few people making a few jabs at Holsten is HARDLY a fair comparison. I can't believe I need to point that out...Maybe that is why UU deleted the posts?

    Whomever you are, anonymous, we get that you don't like that people can use "anonymous." There are pros and cons to it that have all been discussed here and it seems to me that this community has decided that the "pros" win (and maybe only for now...who knows?) The owner of this blog has also decided to delete posts from time to time. Personally, I was in favor of it when he did it when someone used it as a forum for racial provocation. I would suspect that if he began to go overboard into the territory of censorship, he would begin having problems. That doesn't seem to be a problem right now.

    Aren't you willing to cut him some slack in that it is difficult to determine when a conversation has simply gotten heated and when it was overstepped the line and "gone to far"? And, really...the Holocaust???

  57. saskia et al,

    Maybe that is why UU deleted the posts...I don't know. it would be nice if he would respond rather than letting others defend him.

    However, it is NOT a legitimate reason for deleting the posts (especially considering the many, many hateful posts he doesn't delete), and claiming outrage because a post (alledgedly) compares Holsten to holocaust survivors is ridiculous. Trying to say that Holsten's privacy is less important than yours or mine is exactly what the original poem was warning against--that it's a slippery slope from that first assumption to something much worse. A lot richer and more powerful people than Holsten were killed in the holocast, after all--it didn't just target the weak and the poor.

    How about a more appropriate example about the violation of privacy? How about all the photos of the homeless that UU has posted without their permission, presumably to solicit a bunch of comments mocking them? How would you feel if UU posted a recognizable photo of you in one of your less fortunate moments, and mocked you online? UU takes these photos...and doesn't even bother to talk to the people he's photographing to find out what their story is. It's tacky and lame--kind of like posting a photo of a shooting victim's blood.

    And let's not get into UU's abuse of the fair use doctrine...

    Uptown Update could be a great blog, but because of these abuses of privacy I don't buy this "we are a beacon of light in an otherwise corrupt land" mentality that UU is constantly pushing.

    I am genuinely trying to like and appreciate Uptown Update, but it's a bitter-sweet experience at the moment.

  58. *YAWN*
    Helllllllllllllllo? Anyone here?

  59. Anonymous 7:40,

    you are an eeeeeejit. An "amadan" so to speak. Amadam basically means fool in the ancient Irish language.

    UU didn't out Peter Holsten personally. He said someone at Holsten's company monitors this blog. That seems like fair game to me and unlike you I don't have a room temperature IQ. Holsten has received and is receiving tens of millions of dollars in taxpayers money. The right of privacy doesn't extend to his company. Receive public funds and you open yourself up to scrutiny and even ridicule.

    You are trying to create an issue from a non-issue. As for your BS that you are trying to like this blog, I don't buy it anymore than I buy Hillary Clinton talking about her love for hunting.

    Now go away before I mock you and your 65-75 IQ and worldview some more.

    This site should be used for constructive discussions about the issues facing our community. This site should be used to promote businesses in this community. This site should be used to build "community". It should not be used to promote the rantings of a left wing version of Bill O'Reilly who secretly wants to tell the woman of the world "how B I G I am."

  60. However, it is NOT a legitimate reason for deleting the posts

    This is where you are wrong. UU can delete posts for any reason he wants. This is HIS blog.

    "Censorship"? "Right of free speech"? You've got those. You can start your own blog and say whatever you want (pending Blogger's terms of service, of course). No one's infringing on your right to voice your opinions. But this is UU's turf, and he's got the right to decide what is posted here. It's his "house," as the kids say.

    And OMG (another nod to those crazy kids): Comparing your blog posts being deleted to those whose lives were taken by the Nazis? Self-important much?

    Remember Godwin's Law. And stop whining. If your rights are so important to you, start your own blog. I betcha UU will even promote it for you.

  61. you are an eeeeeejit.

    What a new and fresh insult! But seriously, over time you've gone from being an interesting commentator to a one-gimmick bore. You no longer seem to put any thought into your posts.

    UU didn't out Peter Holsten personally. He said someone at Holsten's company monitors this blog.

    It doesn't bloody matter who it was, that's the point. What matters is that UU, in fine hypocricy, publically posted someone's IP, while at the same time defending the right of people to post anonymously.

    The right of privacy doesn't extend to his company. Receive public funds and you open yourself up to scrutiny and even ridicule.

    Again, it's not about Holsten (and you didn't even address my more recent examples). It's about UU's crusade to hold everyone accountable for their actions, while simultaneously engaging in the same sort of shit he criticizes others for.

    As for your BS that you are trying to like this blog, I don't buy it...

    Again, we have this mentality that anyone critical of this blog is an enemy of this blog. And you can't buy it, it's not for sale like your women are.

    Now go away before I mock you and your 65-75 IQ and worldview some more.

    Mock away, pirate, you ignorant slut!

    This site should be used for constructive discussions about the issues facing our community.... This site should be used to build "community".

    Right, and you're a fine example of someone who concentrates on advancing the discussion. I agree though, this site claims to be about community...which is why I'd like to see it site adhere to better, more consistent standards. Instead, it seems to be heading down that tired path of polarization.

  62. TSQ said it best.

    If you don't like it start your own blog. You are clearly a great talent and I'm sure many would flock to read your writings.

    I suggest no one respond any further regarding this. "Anonymous" is a one trick pony.

    Let this topic die a swift death. Just like the cougar the cops shot in Roscoe Village today because if you don't "anonymous" will become the "Energizer Bunny" of anonymity.

  63. truman square neighbor,

    This is where you are wrong. UU can delete posts for any reason he wants. This is HIS blog.

    Actually, it doesn't make me wrong. I never said that UU can't delete posts, just that he doesn't have any legitimate reason (other than avoiding criticism directed at him) for doing so.

    "Censorship"? "Right of free speech"? You've got those.

    I never said I didn't.

    You can start your own blog and say whatever you want (pending Blogger's terms of service, of course).

    Why would I want to start my own blog? I'm perfectly content commenting on this one. If you don't like my comments perhaps you should start your own blog. Funny you should mention Blogger's terms of service...since UU has violated those (or at least seriously walked the line) on more than a few occasions.

    But this is UU's turf, and he's got the right to decide what is posted here.

    Agreed. But as long as he allows comments, I also have the right to comment here. And I choose to point out UU's hypocrisy, claiming to respect people's right to privacy, and claiming to be encouraging as many comments as possible, when his actions at times say otherwise.

    Comparing your blog posts being deleted to those whose lives were taken by the Nazis?

    You should re-read. I wasn't saying this at all, and I certainly wasn't the first poster to mention the Holocaust. You seem to have seriously misunderstood my entire point. I guess I'll have to carry on trying to clarify it.

    And stop whining. If your rights are so important to you, start your own blog. I betcha UU will even promote it for you.

    Again, your response has little to no relevance to my comments. And you accuse me of whining? Seriously, have you been reading any other comments on this or any other post? Why do you target me for whining? Because my opinion differs from UU's?

  64. I remember when Irish Pirate used to be funny. Now it's all rude insults and jokes about prostitutes, none of which are terribly clever, either.

  65. irishpirate,

    TSQ said it best. If you don't like it start your own blog.

    Read my response to TSQ.

    You are clearly a great talent and I'm sure many would flock to read your writings.

    How's the traffic at your blog, pirate?

    I suggest no one respond any further regarding this. "Anonymous" is a one trick pony.

    First of all, I'm not posting any more anonymously than anyone else here. My tag name is "Anonymosity", which is no different that your tag name of "Irishpirate".

    Secondly, I'd like to thank everyone for the recent comments. You've succeeded in reviving what was otherwise a completely dead post. Thanks to the "recent comments" section on this blog and your participation, my criticisms have already gotten for more attention that I expected. I thought I was just having a private discussion with UU (who I know is reading these), but more participants are always welcome!

    Let this topic die a swift death.

    Again, pirate, thank you for reviving it! I'm happy to stop posting here as long as everyone else feels they've had their say, but if UU pulls this shit again I guarantee I'll be broaching the subject on another post. Hypocrisy is a pet-peeve of mine, you see...

  66. What are the chances 12:45 and 12:48 are the same poster?

    The exact polar opposite of the chance of Hillary Clinton gaining the Democratic nomination or me getting a hooker for "no charge".

  67. Let this topic die a swift death.

    Way to heed your own advice, Pirate!

  68. That "Way to heed your own advice" comment was in fact me...I just clicked the wrong option that time. Wouldn't want Pirate getting any ideas...

  69. I suggest people check out my immediately previous post.

    Apparently one of our neighbors is off his meds and posting while pretending to be two different people.

    This will be my final post on this subject no matter the provocation. Like Obama I am one cool cat. Sorry for the cat reference given the dead cougar.

    Goodbye, bloody post. I bid you adieu.

  70. Apparently one of our neighbors is off his meds and posting while pretending to be two different people.

    Perhaps UU can confirm this or post the IPs publically, in order to demonstrate how he respects the right to post anonymously...

    This will be my final post on this subject no matter the provocation. Like Obama I am one cool cat.

    I believe you this time...well, except for the cool cat part. Anyway, thanks again for drawing attention to this post.

  71. How about those Cubs?