Monday, April 7, 2008

Guess Who's Back? Back Again...

The construction workers are back at the Uptown Broadway Building. Overhead scaffolding was being erected on the sidewalk today and even more scaffolding is rising up the side of the building. Good to see them back. Maybe this place will be hopping by the end of summer?

Update: Judging by the looks of this zoning notice on the building (seen below), it appears "Club Lucky" is still planning to open a nightclub/lounge in the basement of the building.


  1. Whats in that building?

  2. What is it going to be? Does anyone know what is going in besides condos?

  3. There will be no condos in this buildng, Curious. It will be offices on the 2nd & 3rd floors. The first floor will be retail, but as of yet none of it has been leased.

  4. At the meeting at Kinetic Playground, they said that they were hoping to have it opened by July 2008.

  5. For those unfamiliar with the development, it should be noted that this building was recently rezoned (there is now a sign saying as much in front of the building) to accommodate a nightclub or restaurant in the basement. There is/was (?) talk that this was in response to interest from the owners of Club Lucky in Wicker Park.

  6. For those of you who left your computer and attended the UNC meeting at the Kinetic Playground, this building was covered in the presentations. UU also covered this story, as did UNC's e-news.

    Uptown Broadway Building has been carefully restored by Thad Wong, co-founder of @ Properties. Baum Realty is the leasing agent. Lots of interest in the 7,000+ Sq. Foot basement as yet another entertainment venue in the hot Uptown Entertainment District.

    Summer tenants should be moving in.

  7. Thanks for the update anonymous 3:40 -- the 'hood has high hopes for this beautiful building.

  8. just curious, what does UNC stand for. someone used that acronym and i'm not familiar with it.

  9. UNC, Uptown Neighborhood Council, is a grass roots organization working to actively bring balanced economic development to Uptown.

    Visit to learn more. Bette yet, Join UNC

  10. I think it is great!! I just hope if they go for a PPA license that they show us some kind of Parking Plan.

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  12. a public hearing on this zoning change is scheduled for during the day Thursday, April 24 before the Zoning Committee downtown in City Hall

    notice how the sign doesn't tell you that

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  14. Baum Realty is doing leasing for the building. The realtors have a web site with info for the entire building and floor plans at:

    I went to a presentation at Ald. Smith's office last fall about the proposed nightclub/lounge. It sounded pretty upscale, I think they mentioned that it was unlikely to have live music because there are so many columns in the basement space that it would be useless for that purpose. But maybe I misremembered that, in any case, they did seem like professional operators.

  15. This building was unveiled today and it's restoration is gorgeous!