Thursday, March 13, 2008

When The Moon Hits Your Eye...

Good news for folks living in Sheridan Park. You will soon have a new ITALIAN restaurant to dine in. According to the building manager of the high-rise at Wilson and Beacon, a new italian restaurant will be opening soon at 1329 W. Wilson. He would not divulge the name but stated the owners had a location in New York City as well. The manager also stated that the outdoor area would be utilized. That's AMORE!
Update: Upon further inspection of the building permit, the contractor listed, "The Lochert Company" has a website and is located at 2650 W. Belden Avenue. They specialize in exotic hardwood floorings, which leads us to believe that this space will be undergoing quite a transformation.


  1. Mama mia! That's great news. The outdoor space has been closed for years because tenants in the building were throwing things out the window. Heartland Alliance places some of their clients in the builidng.

  2. Well let's hope they are threatened with eviction if they are caught throwing junk out of the windows again. And that includes black hair weaves that land in trees below.

  3. Woohoo!!! Kepp more things like this coming to Wilson!

  4. Awesome news indeed. Wilson needs more sit down restaurants. I love Magnolia Cafe, but it's too expensive for me to visit with any regularity.

    Another great place is Express Chicken on the same block. I had some very delicious fried chicken there. Uptown Update should do a post on that establishment - it could use the press!

  5. Express Chicken?

    Fried Chicken?


    Looks like I need to expand my birdy horizons.

  6. We walked by this building tonight and saw the posting. Didn't say much beyond a restaurant applied.

    We walked by Express Chicken and said, no thank you. Place looked like many of Uptown's down and out places.

    We deserve better. Clean, painted, nice places that welcome folks.

  7. I've been to Express Chicken and the food is good for the price. The owners are incredibly nice and gracious and the restaurant is kept very clean. Overall I was very happy with the experience. I think people in this neighborhood need to be a little less quick to judge and give some of these new places a chance before writing in negative reviews based on nothing but a walk by.

  8. "We walked by Express Chicken and said, no thank you. Place looked like many of Uptown's down and out places."


    I'm the one who posted about Express Chicken at 4:21. I'll admit the place looked a little spare and downscale, but it was clean and bright during my visit, the owner seemed like a great guy and the food was delicious.

    I don't want to judge others and have no idea what you saw today, but makes me wonder if perhaps you're being a bit too close-minded in your observations. I might be wrong, who knows.
    In any event, I urge you to give the place another chance.

  9. I just had the chicken. It is very good to excellent. I walked over there and thought it would be 'express'. I was wrong. Cooked to order.

    Next time I will call ahead.

    Owners seem to be an African immigrant married couple. Place is clean, but it doesn't look like much. Nice addition to the hood.

    I prefer spending my money there than at a chain restaurant. Gotta love those hardworking immigrant types.

    Not every restaurant needs to be "Check Please" worthy.

    I would be happy with more restaurants like this and more restaurants like the soon to be Italian joint. There is room for both. Great take out is very important to those of us who don't cook(although I am hot!).

  10. Anyone have the phone number for Express Chicken. I'd love to try them for takeout or delivery if they offer it.

  11. It's good to know I shouldn't write Express Chicken off just because it doens't have inviting decor. It will be nice to see another new restaurant there.

  12. Where's Express Chicken? Is it that new BBQ place on Wilson and Beacon?

  13. Phone is 773-275-5760.

  14. Want great chicken and good service? Go to Pollo Loco. I know . It's a chain but the product is very good and the staff are all hard working and actually seem to like working as apposed to the sullen "Whada want" attitude your get at other places.

  15. "Want great chicken and good service? Go to Pollo Loco. I know . It's a chain but the product is very good and the staff are all hard working and actually seem to like working as apposed to the sullen "Whada want" attitude your get at other places."

    I'm not sure you if you are lumping in Express Chicken with your comments here, but just in case I want to stress that my experience with Express Chicken was anything but what you describe above. When I went the owner was manning the front (and the back!) and he was gracious, courteous and professional.

    I've gone to El Pollo Loco twice now, and am very happy it's in the neighborhood. Their food is great. I think people should check out BOTH of these places. Both are chicken, but it's broasted versus fried, so depending on how your arteries are feeling that day, make your choice.

    I will say though, El Pollo Loco's cashiers need to get A LOT better. I was waiting in the drive thru for almost twenty minutes (really!) the other day even though there were only two cars in front of me. Just ridiculous. Recommend anyone getting takeout there go inside for it.

  16. El Pollo Loco is good. The cashiers do need to get better. I'm sure over time they will.

    They call their chicken "flame grilled" which seems different than broasted to me.

    Now Jake's at Montrose and Sheridan has some good broasted chicken.

    In any case Express Chicken is good so you can add that to your poultry choices.

  17. Jake's is owned by the same "family" (Siegals) that owned the Wooden Nickle (thier spelling not me)

  18. Perhaps you are correct on your assertion on Jake's.

    Perhaps not.

    Perhaps the building is owned by the family and not the business. I dunno.

  19. What's a good choice for a first time customer at Jakes? And what kind of sides do they have?

  20. They have corn, mashed potatoes, cole slaw, fries, etc.

    Just get a chicken meal. Walk over there. Order. Get a menu. Then next time call ahead and pick it up.

    Dat's what I do. I've only gotten the chicken there. They have burgers and more. I'm just a poultry eater.