Thursday, March 13, 2008

Saaaaluuuute Holsten!

We'd like to say "salute" to Holsten Management Corporation, frequent visitors to "Uptown Update." As you can see below, at least 111 visits to be exact. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Hey UU,

    Can you please provide the same information for Shiller's office?

  2. They are a little more crafty over there. There is no blatant "46th Ward Office" IP address. We have several "City Of Chicago" which also could be her office. Who knows?

  3. It's too bad you don't have a privacy policy for your blog--broadcasting specific user information is not very polite.

  4. They didn't broadcast the entire IP address. Look closely, part of the IP address has been removed.

  5. It's wrong to share any personal information, including number of visits a particular user might make. UU readers, at least this one, expect better.

    I think it also goes against Google's own privacy policy.

  6. Well, I am happy that they are reading these pages and getting to know the neighbors and the neighborhood. I often wonder what impression people have of this place when they only rely on the Alderman, developers and real estate agents for their information.

    I'd also like to give UU kudos for the number of photos today. You learn so much about a neighborhood by just getting out and WALKING it. I am so thankful that we have people who do that and then use the technology we have to share it.

  7. Anonymous,

    Just shut up.

    Now go broadcast that.

    Whiney ass stupidity.

    You know what I expect.

    I expect you to be so offended if they don't delete this comment that you disappear and go volunteer for the Alderbeast/Shillerbeast/Aldercrone/

    etc etc etc.

    It's a beautiful day. Go outside and look on the bright side of life like I do.

    See the hookers trolling Broadway.

    See the drug deals going down on Magnolia.

    See the magnificent Target take shape at Wilson Yard....oops.

    Well you get the point.

  8. Anyone who expects privacy on the internet is a fool.

    As far as Google's privacy policy. That's funny. Thanks for the giggle. You're a funny person.

    Now, seriously ... get over it.

  9. IP addresses are fair game to publish. How do you think we get the information? They're published by a website.

    As for who read,besides everyday Joe's and Jane's - I'm guessing UU has the same assortment of public officials, private developers, realtors, big-wig law firms, community organizations, etc... that I do.

    Those are the powerful leaders who can get things done if they so choose. These officials ARE READING these blogs.

    If they tell you they don't, they're being disingenuous.

  10. Labor Ready, Inc. was our #1 visitor for February.

  11. In legal terms: I reserve the right to use IP addresses to identify a visitor only when I feel it is necessary.

  12. I'm guessing that Holsten has never come across such an outspoken bunch before and he was caught a little off guard by hostility towards him. Reporters and the like have always commented on this "angry bunch of condo residents living in Uptown", but now we're an organized angry bunch of condo residents. We reacted like any other group of people who have been stripped of a voice: we fought back and we're not going away.

    Holsten has some damage control to do with the community and if he continues to keep his silence, this could really cost him some day, especially when Shiller leaves office. A lot of our tax dollars are going into this and we have a right to have some say. The Aldi's screw up had him take a few steps back with gaining any sort of credibility.

  13. "...but now we're an organized angry bunch of condo residents."

    Yes. And, we will fight for our community because Shiller is soon to go and the developers only want to cash in and leave.

    UU, would you ever consider changing your tagline to include the 48th ward? Despite the fact that Daley encourages little fiefdoms, there is only one Uptown. We must stand together.

  14. You would think with all their free time to visit this website, Holsten might start working on Wilson Yard. Great catch!

    It's so OBVIOUS that Target is not committed to the project. I have a friend that knows someone at Target's corporate office in Minneapolis and they told my friend that Target is not going to build at Wilson Yard, that's why they won't verify Holsten's claims publicly. He's so full of BS...

    Why doesn't he start looking at other retailers? What about Home Depot or Costco or Walmart or something? If they were honest about what was going on, they wouldn't have to check out blogs like this one with their free time. We might have a bit more respect for them, as well.

  15. Heh, heh. Walmart would be great. That would really stick it to Shiller. She said she was "conflicted" about the big box ordinance because of Walmart but not all big boxes were so bad. You either fight for living wages or you don't. Many of us have had enough of this "for the poor" stuff only when it serves her purposes.

  16. The internet, and the blog world in particular, is the democratization of information and published opinion. People have more power to share information and organize than they ever have before. Even businesses are recognizing that (even Wal-Mart), which is why many of them have joined the dialogue via blogs - it's no longer about an "ivory tower" approach - it's about being a part of the conversation. Companies who have shifted their mindset in this way have done very well in the realm of public opinion; those who haven't, and continue the "ivory tower" approach, haven't suffered backlash. If Holsten, Shiller and others want to join the dialogue, that's fantastic. In the meantime, if they're aware of public opinion, that's great. And as far as IP addresses, that is completely public.

  17. we're an organized, angry, powerful bunch of condo owners. Yes, this blog is a new central source of sharing information, and information is power.

  18. I think we need an uptown wiki to collect these disparate facts and to collectively tell our story. (Of course, we will have to put some protections on its design so that we distinguish facts from opinion from items too-soon-to-tell.)

    I have learned so much on this message board but we have gotten to the point where there is actually some collective knowledge being produced here. We should be using technology to capture it. I am not saying change Uptown Update in any way...I am just suggesting that I see additional ways that we can continue the good work we have started here.