Thursday, March 13, 2008

CHA Considers Term Limits On Residents

By Sara Olkon
Read all about it at the "Chicago Tribune."


  1. "In Chicago, traditional public housing is in the spotlight. For decades, mammoth high-rise developments devolved into gang-infested, poverty-stricken zones of despair."

    And some wonder why people aren't doing back-flips when Helen talks about integrating such in Wilson Yard.

  2. Sounds like a great issue for Helen Shiller to get involved in. I bet she won't, though, because it might mean ticking Da Mare off.

  3. But as Shiller has pointed out repeatedly, the WY housing is not going to be CHA, so none of this applies. Folks can stay there for ever and ever...

  4. That is great for her ward, but she needs to be helping these folks city-wide too.

  5. WhattheHelen uploaded a document showing that 16 of the Wilson Yard Apartments will be CHA replacement units. The planners said it would be a great opportunity to get into a "rapidly gentrifying" neighborhood. The other units in this section are for people making no more than 60% of the area's median but it was not clear what the income floor would be.

    Each of the units will have a parking space. It is good that the plans recognize that CHA residents in Chicago own cars. While I acknowledge the place that CHA has in providing homes for people, I often wonder about the late model luxury cars that I see parked in their building's parking lots. (Or on nearby streets.) Does CHA take assets into consideration anymore? When demand is exceeding supply, we really must ask if the City is doing their due diligence in making units available to the most needy applicants.