Thursday, March 13, 2008

'IceHouse' Park

For those of you keeping track of our most needed addition in Uptown, that being a park near Broadway and Wilson in front of Graeme Stewart School, not much has been accomplished as of late. We spotted some empty beer cans strewn about, "IceHouse" no less, which appears to be the drink of choice in this area (in the lower section of the pic). A bit of foreshadowing perhaps? All of this being brought to you by your tax dollars, of course. Does anyone else think that there was a much better use for those TIF funds just to the north of there at our Wilson L stop? Nah. That's crazy-talk.


  1. Man, you're on a roll today!! Keep it "up"!

  2. You missed the usual cart-caravan that hangs out on the Northwest side of the proposed "park". There are generally a large group of people hanging out behind those Wilson Ave. businesses who do nothing to clear up this problem.