Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Sidewalks Are For Vans, Too

A reader sent in this photo near 927 West Wilson, our trouble building that has a history of blocking the sidewalk with dumpsters and trash. Apparently, this van with attached trailer was parked along the sidewalk for "quite awhile" this evening, blocking the sidewalk.
"The van then proceeded to drive on the sidewalk until the end of the block," the reader commented. It's a good thing the dumpster recently moved from the sidewalk to allow this vehicle to use the entire sidewalk as their personal driveway.

Update: Another reader sent in pictures of the same scene, taken at 4:30 this afternoon. How long was that van there today? Let's see, we've got construction trash on the sidewalk, a dumpster in a spot marked "reserved for the handicapped," graffiti on the dumpster, and - oh yeah - a van and trailer parked on the sidewalk in a retail corridor. Way to go!


  1. It must still be Passover.

  2. The 46th Wad Superintendent spoke to the owner of 927 West Wilson, he was instructed to clean the area around the dumpster and maintain the cleanliness! He was also instruced to make sure that the dumpster does not overflow; the dumpster is parked in a loading zone & not a handicap area! Thank you for taking the time to inform us of this problem.

    Sandra R. Smith
    Commissioner Office
    Streets & Sanitation
    121 N. LaSalle - Rm 700
    (312) 744-4611 - Office
    (312) 744-4737 - Fax

  3. That response was in no way edited...she said "46th Wad Superintendent."
    That's just about right.
    So even though there are handicapped signs pointing in the direction of where the dumpster has been for months, its not a handicapped space. News to me.

  4. I encourage someone to test that out by parking their car there whenever the dumpster is moved. I'll bet the cost of the ticket and/or towing that you'll get a ticket!

    A less risky approach is just to request that the handicap sign be removed or moved.

    Are you allowed to park a dumpster in a loading zone if you are not actively unloading? Whoaa. Sorry I said that. Maybe the intention is to fill the dumpster and then unload it on the streat!

  5. I'd be interested to know what rationale there is for a van and trailer parked on the sidewalk for hours and hours.

    This is like Wonderland: Handicapped spots are loading zones. A dumpster permanently parks in a loading zone. The sidewalk is clean (except for the construction debris and wooden pallets). And the sidewalk is actually a parking spot.