Tuesday, March 25, 2008

That's Impossible!

The impossible was seen today in the near western suburb of Hillside. A sign on an undeveloped lot announcing a Target (SuperTarget, to be exact) that will be opening next year.

Sierra Realty Advisors, the developer, even has a web page created for this development. This is a PDF of the developer's brochure.

Maybe Sierra would consider speaking to Holsten Management about how to get Target to announce a future store opening. Maybe Sierra knows how to build developments that attract retailers since that is their expertise. Target apparently doesn't always behave bizarrely.

Check out Holsten's website for a comparison of the Wilson Yard project.

Maybe someday Uptown will see the impossible. For now, we have an empty lot.


  1. I just passed by Wilson Yard today around 5pm. About 50 ft fencing at the corner of Broadway and Montrose is completely down again. And still no sign, of course.

  2. Oh that median strip in front of the Steward School is now called a campus park. Amazing.

  3. I guess Sierra Realty said, "We'll put up a sign (for Target) and to hell with them."

  4. Wilson yard, what a dump and an absolute embarrassment to all the community, the alderman and Holsten. How does such a valuable piece of land sit empty with so little criticism from the papers or the mayor. (I know the answer to that as well do)

    Its clear that Target is not coming they are buying time figuring out what to do.

  5. I have to say that I would be stunned if Target didn't come in. I know Helen can't be trusted but if she knew Target wasn't coming in, she would let it out now to avoid having it come out soon before the next election. If nothing is up by the election, that's it for her. She'd be toast and blame it all on the bad apples in the hood.

  6. I don't care. I am going to boycott that Target anyway. There is this cavalier attitude that no matter what is done around here, the shoppers will still come.

    My political voice may have been silenced but I still have the option of voting with my purse strings.

  7. To the poster at 10:23, can you explain the logic behind what you're saying? You think that if a Target did open here, then it would be beneficial for residents to try to drive it out of business? Huh?

    I think I'll chalk up your comment to frustration and not thinking straight.