Thursday, March 13, 2008

23rd District Commander Announced, Kathleen Boehmer

From Chicago Police Department News Release:
CHICAGO - Chicago Police Superintendent Jody P. Weis today announced additional staff changes within the command ranks of the Department. Sixteen district commanders were promoted; 8 district commanders were re-assigned or remain in place, and one district commander is expected to be named in an acting capacity. All of these changes were made in an effort to strengthen the Department’s on going efforts to reduce crime in all of Chicago’s communities.

Looks like Kathleen Boehmer will be replacing Gary Yamashiroya as 23rd District Commander. Yamashiroya will be serving as Area 3 Detective. Anyone have info on this replacement? Jami perhaps?


  1. I'v had a chance to work with Commander Boehmer on several safety issues an feel confident that she will be a good fit for the 23rd District. She is very personable and very open.

    I've also heard great things about Commander Moy who will take over the 20th District.

  2. I was sick to hear about Commander Yamashiroya leaving the 23rd District. He was the first commander not to be controlled by Shiller and he managed to avoid all the political games. I have also heard really good things about Commander Boehmer, so if Yamashiroya had to be replaced, we got a really good commander who can take over where he left off.

    I will wish him well.

  3. She's been the Commander of the 20th District, just north of 23 (Lawrence is the border), so at least she's familiar with some of Uptown's "unique challenges."

    Let's hope she can stand up to aldermanic bullying. That made all the difference when Cmdr. Yamashiroya came to 23.

  4. I am not sorry to see Yamashiroya go - our experience w/ him was quite negative - the crack house on kenmore is still open and has been open for years - when this was pointed out to him he denies knowing anything about it - even after his officers were sent there repeatedly - good bye and have a nice going away party at side track gary

  5. I've got to give Jody Weiss credit for tackling these issues head-on.

    The 23 District has long be the place that commanders who didn't make waves were assigned.

    While Commander Yamshiroya was a cut above his predecessor in honesty, he was not up to doing his job at the level it should have been done.

    We also have a long term nuisance building that we asked the commander to address. On one phone call with someone in the police department, he suggested I,"escalate this problem downtown."

    He couldn't, or wouldn't elaborate. But the message was very clear.

  6. Yammi will live to rise again. He's not the first Commander to be busted down and come back. Former Commander DeLopez did it twice.

    And let's make sure this blog history goes down in proper context. The new Police Superintendant Weis brought in his whole new team and 21 of 25 Commanders were rotated out. Yammi has plenty of company.

    As an attorney, he'll be in a great position in the Detective division. Forensics is a hot field now, whether in or someday retiring out of the force. And, he's still working our Area 3, for those who wish to maintain their working relationship with him.

  7. I've lived through six Commanders up here. Even when they change Commanders, the Town Hall culture does not change. I think the cultural flame is held by the lieutenants who stay forever in their districts.

    To change things up they need to move lieutenants between districts more often. And, they have to get a better system for putting guys on the desk. The desk assignments are usually a seniority perk, yet we've seen some really bad patrol cops land on the desk where they've caused even more problems for the community.

    And, who doesn't know that each alderman has his/her inside guy at the desk for each shift who funnels information to and from his or her aldermanic office? I've personally seen that in action and it's sick! There is no records privacy.

    They also need to track the no shows in court by officer, if they don't do so already. Some guys up here think they can violate every Wren and Terry stop requirement and make it all go away by not showing up in court. Then they are even stupid enough to negotiate their no-shows with the complainant. They're just asking for trouble by letting this stuff slide.

  8. There are alot of issues with our Commanders but they just aren't fodder for a public blog.

    Somethings that happen in Uptown just have to stay in Uptown.

    Good luck with your new job, Yammi.
    Welcome to the neighborhood, Boehmer.