Thursday, March 13, 2008

Less Blight On Broadway?

Wow folks, we may be on a roll. MDT Architects were pioneers on this blighted stretch of Broadway and now we are receiving word that workers were seen hauling out debris from this beautiful building in the 4600 block of Broadway, next to Thai Uptown. This is the same building our alderman wanted to stick "Labor Ready." Let's hope it's something beneficial for everyone. We will have our spies over there soon to see what we can scrounge up. Stay tuned.

Update: The site is being gutted, that's for sure. Several truckloads of debris have been removed, as well as two industrial air conditioners and the piping that was on the outside of the building. This photo was taken Saturday, March 15th.

Since no permits have been posted on the site, we still have no idea what the new purpose of this building will be. We continue to hope for something fabulous to help this bring up this blighted stretch of retail.


  1. there are some $$$ interests on broadway. but, that is no reason to push unwanted things onto other areas of the community where there are no competing commercial interests to push back.

  2. From now on please refer to the Alderbeast's office as the "Office of Blight". Mission statement, simply keep blight thriving in Uptown. I hope everyone Moles this over

  3. If there's still no permit on the building, you should definitely call 311 to report it--for safety's sake of the community, if nothing else. Permits are required for gutting buildings, particularly to ensure the safe removal of hazardous materials like lead paint and asbestos, which can affect the surrounding neighbors if not taken care of properly.

  4. The CAPS office has been notified about the lack of permit, as have 311 (who said a building inspector will be sent out) and Uptown United.

    You should see the amount of crap coming out of that building. They've filled three mega-size dumpsters so far. The powder from the demo has coated the cars parked in the lot. I hope, for our sakes and for the workers', that there's nothing harmful in it.