Saturday, February 16, 2008

Shiller Only Alderman Who Refused To Vote For New Police Superintendent

Why is Alderman Shiller the only alderman who refused to cast a vote on January 9 for the appointment of Jody P. Weis to Superintendent of the Department of Police? Check out the vote roll call here and draw your own conclusions. Is she not elected to vote on issues? It's worth contacting her office on Monday to get their spin.


  1. Let me try go guess why she didn't vote on this issue?

    1. She hates the FBI?

    2. Da Mare was "disrespectin" the black, hispanic, asian, gay, and female communities by not picking a new superintendent who was from one or all of these groups?

    For example, a lesbian of mixed black, korean, and Mexican heritage could have served up a "fiver". Somewhere in the country there is a cop who fits that general description or something close to it. FIND HER.

    3. Helen Shiller hates the police?

    This vote needs to be sent to the media so we can hear the goofy explanation Shiller comes up with. She likely wanted to vote "no" but didn't want to piss off the leprechaun sitting at the head of the council.

  2. Potential conflict of interest with son Brendan's "Sue-the-Cops" law practice?

  3. Threatened by Weis's plans to create a new Bureau of Professional Standards led by former FBI colleague Peter Brust. Weis's idea is to put one person in charge of all things that impact police “culture”—from general orders, training and Internal Affairs to field monitoring and audits.

    In other words, no more Shiller hold on 23rd District Commander and Lieutenant short hairs and no more desk sergeant phone hot-line to the alderman's office. They might actually report to their real police command for a change.

  4. Shiller loves police. Just ask Officer Horstein, if you can find him.

  5. Does this mean we can look forward to more Marc Kaplan led Police Brutality marches down Broadway? Or has her abuse of federal funding for community law firms dried up for these kind of activities?

  6. Ah, the two faces of Helen. Now no matter what happens in the future, she is setup to flip-flop.

    I believe we've seen this pattern many times before. Soon she'll be playing both sides, telling one story to one set of constituents while telling the complete opposite to her activist and low-income buddies.

  7. Ray Coffey, Sun Times July 20, 1999

    "The police also tend to be wary of regularly being accused by Shiller's political organization, particularly by Shiller operative Marc Kaplan and his Uptown People's Law Center, of harassing poor people."

    Yep. That's the Shiller strategy, over and over and over again. Threaten the police so they just find it easier to go away and leave Uptown alone. Then she gets her way to do whatever she pleases and hand out her law-breaking favors.

    Are you going to walk away from her media tricks too, Jody Weis?

  8. But Shiller is a true nihilist. For her there is no law. The only reality is her beliefs. Nothing else matters therefore she is justified, in her own mind, to do anything she wants. She doesn't even have to go through the normal process of rationalization most people would have to use.

    How many times hasn't she said to us, "That's not my reality?" Hell, reality is not her reality.

  9. City Council Rules of Order


    Rule 14: Every member who shall be present when a question is stated from the Chair shall vote thereon, unless excused by the Council.

    Taking And Entering Of Votes;
    Explanation Of Votes Not Permitted.

    RULE 19. At the request of any member, the yeas and nays upon any question shall be taken and entered in the Journal; but the yeas and nays shall not be taken unless called for previously to any other vote on the question. Only members present shall be permitted to vote or have their votes recorded either by "yea" or "nay" on any matter before the City Council, any of its standing committees or subcommittees.

    When the Clerk has commenced to call the roll of the Council for the takulg of a vote of yeas and nays, all debate on the question before the Council shall be deemed concluded, and during the taking of the vote no member shall be permitted to explain his vote but shall respond to the calling of his name by the Clerk by answering "yea" or "nay", as the case may be.

  10. This is not the first time Shiller is tried the "not voting" trick. And it is in clear violation of the Council's own rules.

    If she is present, the rules the Council adopted for itself REQUIRE her to respond "aye' or "nay", nothing else.

    If she doesn't want to vote she needs to get her ass out of Council Chambers and be recorded as absent.

    There IS no "not voting".

  11. not voting is the aldermanic equivalent of leaning on a shovel

  12. Ah yes, but rules don't apply to Ms. Shiller. She thinks she of herself as so very special. Just ask her. She has all the answers you know.

  13. Alderman are paid to have an opinion, that is the nature of their job. They are not paid over $100,000 a year to be undecided. Shiller has refused to vote on the two biggest issues in recent memory - the Big Box Ordinance and the new police supt. What a waste.

  14. The Illinois State Senate has a "present" option. The Chicago City Council does NOT.

    'Present' votes emerging from the past

    By Rick Pearson and Ray Long. Tribune, February 3, 2008

  15. I sure wish WhattheHelen was alive and well. How do we finally get a decent alderman who listens to constituents and truly gives a damn about the 46 ward?

    I don't plan to wait for the next election. I want to focus on positive changes now.

  16. In the big picture how does her not voting for Weis affect us, I mean really people.

    Who cares.

  17. It matters because she is one of 50 people in the city with the right to do so. That is what she is paid to do. Either she supports the new police supt and votes yes or she doesn't and votes no.

    It's not that hard of a fuckin concept to grasp, is it?

  18. what community meetings were held at which a consensus was reached that not voting was the will of her constituency?

  19. It's sends a message that she doesn't care about the community.

    Which is probably more fact than fiction, and something those of us with at least 2 brain cells rubbing together figured out a long time ago.

  20. Does anyone have a list of those in the city who endorsed her in the last election? If so, please share with the group. Here's who I have so far:

    Greg Harris
    Tom Tunney (?)

    I know there are more - please help.

    If these groups don't know about her past activity (inexcusable if they endorsed her), they should at least know about her current/recent activity, and I want to make sure they do.

  21. Politicians never ever make endorsements based on who the better candidate would be. It's all making backroom deals or supporting the person they think will be the winner.

    If they thought Shiller would lose the next election, they would drop her like a hot potato, especially Tunney. Their loyalty stops when she's considered unelectable. I'm thinking most of them will be silent the next time Shiller runs. But that doesn't matter because she will list them as endorsing her anyway.

  22. Dear Alderman Shiller,

    Hey there. I voted for you and i think you do a good job. I have some
    questions regarding our district:

    What is the deal with Target? Is that really going up ever?

    And is it true that Borders is trying to vacate their Uptown store?

    Also, saw that you didn't vote for a new police superintendent. What's
    your stance on that?


    Thank you for your email.

    I can answer two of your questions:

    Target is scheduled to open its doors in the summer of 2010. The latest date was given to us by the developers at the beginning of the year.

    We have heard the same rumors about Borders for nearly one year, but no one there has confirmed or denied when we asked.

    From what I know Alderman Shiller did vote in favor of the new Police Superintendent. Where did you read that she did not vote?

    Thank you again for your questions,


    Michilla Blaise
    City Services Coordinator
    46th Ward Service Office of Alderman Helen Shiller
    4544 N. Broadway
    Chicago, IL 60640
    fax - 773/878-4920

  23. Sure Helen, those city clerks taking official minutes at the city council meetings are liars while your staff always tells the truth, right?

  24. Maybe Shiller posed 150 questions to Jody Weis and he failed to answer 2 of them causing to withhold her vote.

    That is how she always explained her grandstanding "NO" votes to the city budgets when she portrayed herself as the lone, independent voice of the city council. That is, before Daley publically bought and made her his rubber stamp now that it politically plays better to her changing constituency.

    Chicago Sun Times, News Section p 24, author Fran Spielman:

    "Shiller said she voted against the budget because she posed 123 followup questions to department heads during budget hearings and only 35 have been answered."

  25. Funny, the alderbeast won't answer any of the block club and community questions, particularly about zoning. Where does she get off complaining about someone not answering 123 questions to her satisfaction?

  26. The Anti-Cop + Anti-Development History of Helen Shiller:

    Sun Times, Feb 10, 1995, New Section, p6 by Maureen O'Donnell:

    "Democratic ward committeeman Bob Kuzas, 33, said he wants her job because "I want the community to have input, not just a certain group of people, a certain clique." Kuzas, a police officer-turned-lawyer, calls her a development blocker ...."

    "Kuzas forces paint her as a left-winger aligned with gangs. They point to Shiller-friendly community organizations whose leaflets allege that police are part of a plot to destabilize Uptown to help fat-cat developers"