Sunday, February 17, 2008

We're Not Ready

Readers continue to send Uptown Update information about past problems with Labor Ready offices. Here are a few of the links:

Labor Ready Sent a Felon to Work

Labor Ready Takes Up to 50% of Pay

Labor Ready's Ethics Questioned By Many

Labor Ready on Wikipedia


  1. After reading "Labor Ready's Ethics Questioned By Many" it seems the best way to fight the Uptown location is to get the unions involved -as much as I hate them. They might be especially interested in "sticking it to Shiller" since she voted against them in the Big Box vote.

  2. We have to do something to stop this NOW! We can not have these people so close to the school and Boys and Girls Club!
    What is the next step?!?!

  3. The Unions don't care. Really. They didn't support James in the Aldermanic election, in spite of the fact that Shiller voted against the big box ordinance, thus voting against the unions.

    If you're looking for help from outside the community, only Lisa Madigan has ever listened, taken an interest and actually done something about things here.

  4. There is nothing you can do to stop Labor Ready so why waste you time and effort on it.

    You went to the meeting and opposed it that is all you can do.

    You all opposed WY and you can't/couldn't stop that either.

    Maybe you need to find a different way to do things to get what you want.

    I seriously doubt whether Labor Ready is put there or not is going to affect any of us. It's not like it's a crack house or something.

  5. I beg to differ with the last comment. I live at 4848 N sheridan. I am going to have to walk thru the lines of people every morning going to the EL stop. I will then have to walk home. I also will have to deal with the loitering that will tak eplace and any other negative issues that come from the not so desirable people showing up

  6. A large number of people protesting/picketing the Alderman's office, or the proposed site might raise some eyebrows.

  7. Tell me where to go and when to be there I will be happy to legally protest against shiller and labor ready

  8. Whether you think you can or can't,
    you're right.

  9. To #4 - Nice comment "You all opposed WY and you can't/couldn't stop that either."

    How are things in Shillers office today. Did she even show up. Or is she too busy not voting on things and collecting a check

  10. Anonymous #4: "Maybe you need to find a different way to do things to get what you want."

    Perhaps you have some ideas? We've tried all the normal, legal channels. Perhaps you're suggesting we try something illegal?

    P.S. I love how we can immediately tell the Shiller staffers who get on the boards. Please do us all a favor and keep reading your GED books and stop trying to sound like you know what you're talking about.

  11. I was poster 4 and I don't work for Shiller or her office and didn't vote for her for the record.

    I think it is funny you jump to conclusions when someone post anony that they are automatically from Shiller's office

    You went to the meeting and complained what more can you do?

    Continue to bitch about it?

    Like you do about Shiller getting elected?

    There is better things you can be doing with your time.

  12. This non-sense is exactly what we do not need in Uptown.
    Stop the bickering amongst each other and let’s get together for once and make this community a safer and better place to live. Let’s start talking as a community and make a decision on what we are going to do if LR comes to the neighborhood. Our main goal is to STOP Labor Ready; if you do not want to do that, keep your comments to yourself!
    It is time for a plan...

  13. "There is nothing you can do to stop Labor Ready so why waste you time and effort on it....I seriously doubt whether Labor Ready is put there or not is going to affect any of us. It's not like it's a crack house or something."

    Oh, yes. There remain lots of things to do and plans are in the works. And, it is like a crack house. Labor Ready makes cheap, disposable workers available for employers who want to get away with not providing the same conditions and benefits to all people who do their work. Labor Ready is like crack for employers. I can't stand by and let them come into this neighborhood to further abuse the poor and homeless. Some workers have managed to sue Labor Ready, but most probably just endure them. I mean, how can you complain when no one will hire you for a real job and there are 40 people in front of you in line who are willing to just take it in order to get the cash?

  14. Anonymous #4: The main argument with your point of view is that you encourage those who want change to instead be complacent. This kind of complacency means that change will never happen, that we sit back and choose not to make positive changes in our community. Many of us feel that is unacceptable, when we have the will and the ways to do so. We are frustrated by others in the community who are also complacent, and wish to maintain things as they are, with all their problems. And as long as we see a better way, we will fight to make it so. The "complaining" you speak of is useful community discourse, as many positive plans of action have come from this kind of blog chatter. If you disagree and wish to find like-minded people, I encourage you to perhaps start your own blog in support of the status quo.

  15. I am 4 again:

    Well then everyone should have voted Helen out.
    As long as she is in office it's a wasted effort to try and stop anything.

    And I think by opposing her so much you fuel her to do more damage.

  16. Ok. #4.

    I respect that is your position and won't harangue you for it anymore. I see it differently, though. She may become more fueled to do more damage, but ultimately that will just cause her to do things that will hurt the community even more. We have to hold her accountable. In the process, we will find our voice and find common ground. We need to prepare ourselves as a community for the day when she is gone. I am really angry about what is happening with this Labor Ready business, but I also don't want to live in a community which retaliates against its poorest residents if circumstances were to change. We need balance and not backlashes that come from one side or the other. We need to practice and pursue balance. It has been in the interests of the powers that be not to practice the balance we need and want.