Saturday, February 16, 2008

'Pure2o' Sign Arrives At Clarendon And Leland

The sign announcing the upcoming "Pure2o" condo development was recently posted at Clarendon and Leland. The website says "coming soon." Check back there soon for more info.
Update: Joe Zekas over at "YoChicago" posted a link with more info on the "Pure2o" development. Check it out here. Thanks for linking to it Mr. Pirate.


  1. I really hope it a well designed structure....Build it!

  2. Sharia'h compliant financing?

    Does everything new in Uptown have to have some religious connection?

    Wonder how the JPUSA/Paulus will feel about muslim businessmen making serious dough in their 'hood.

    Honestly, and arguably ignorant of me, Sharia'h makes me nervous (mainly in the realm of womens' rights).

    Doesn't hurt that the principals of Sunrise are Daley contributers, I guess.

    No pay to play here.

  3. Where are the set backs? That whole area has huge buildings buttressed right up against the sidewalk. This lot edge to lot edge development needs to stop.