Thursday, February 28, 2008

Picture It! Sicily...1915!

No, it's more like Uptown, Broadway and Wilson in the 1920's. A resident sent us this postcard showing that (in)famous intersection back in it's heyday. The 4 story building on the left now houses the "City Sports" and "Family Dollar." On the right, that beautiful building was eventually razed for a currency exchange/outdoor market.
(Courtesy "Compass Rose Cultural Crossroads")


  1. What a great picture. Too bad "urban renewal" wiped out many of these buildings in the 60's and left us with what is there today.

  2. These great old photographs are a good resource for the Uptown streetscaping. Plus they sure make you feel good about thinking restoring this neighborhood!

  3. Hi,

    This image comes directly from our Web site:

    Historic Images of Uptown Chicago

    You'll find more images there, and on our Uptown History Blog. It'd be great if you can post a link back to either if using them. As it says on our site, you're welcome to use any of these images on your own Web site as long as you credit them.


    Compass Rose Cultural Crossroads

  4. Our apologies Green Fairy.
    The person who sent it in to us must have taken it from your site. We should have assumed it came from Compass Rose.
    Its an amazing view of this intersection nonetheless.