Thursday, February 28, 2008

Saved By The Sell

Oak Park's Wednesday Journal Rescues Three City Papers From Certain Death
By Michael Miner

Check out the "Chicago Reader's" coverage here.


  1. I love it! I am so impressed with the new publishers and the way they listen to the community (something we in Uptown aren't used to!)

    “I’d say two-thirds of the e-mails I got were ‘Make sure you get Lorraine,’ ” says Haley. “We sat down with her and it’s like, this woman knows everything.”

    “The day after the sale was announced,” says Swanson, “their office opened at 8:30 and I called them at 8:31 asking to interview for my job. After working the city beat I couldn’t see myself farmed out to Algonquin or someplace like that.”

    Haley didn’t just keep her on as an overworked reporter (in last week’s News-Star she had three stories on the front page alone), he made her the editor too. “Dan wants to return it to its neighborhood roots,” Swanson says. “Local stories. Local ads. Local calendars. Just more of that uberlocal coverage. That’s where print journalism is going to thrive and survive — that local focus.”

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  3. What were the three newspapers that were shut down altogether?

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