Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Turn Back Time, Part 2

If you get a chance, check out "Chicago 'L'.org." Its one of our favorite sites and you can search for the history of each station in Uptown. There are amazing photos there, including the one above showing a train passing through the Wilson L stop in June 1968. Look closely. The paint is faded on the side of the "hotel" today but you can see how it looked before. Also, you can see the tops of two buildings to the left of the hotel. One is still there and housing "Nick's on Wilson," and the next one which is yellowish brick is gone. We believe that housed the "Wooden Nickel" in recent years before the condo with "Curves" and "Jimmy John's" replaced it. The building on the other side of Wilson next to the tracks is still there where the "Truman College" driveway is today.
(Photo by Leon Kay, Chicago


  1. Great photo... good find.

  2. There's a great historic view of the Arcadia Ballroom that once stood at Wilson Yard that you can find here.

  3. Ha, I like the folks leaning their heads out the window as the train rolls along. Can't do that in today's world... Gotta protect everyone from themselves these days else the CTA would get sued by the family of a head-less rider.