Monday, December 10, 2007

'Wilco' To Play 5 Shows In Uptown

From Chicago Tribune: Wilco will play a five-night residency at the Riviera Theatre in February in which it promises to play every song the band has recorded.

Wilco’s career covers six studio albums, including last year’s “Sky Blue Sky,” and two “Mermaid Avenue” collaborations with Billy Bragg on the lyrics of Woody Guthrie.

“Over the five nights we will attempt the ‘complete Wilco’ and try to clear out the dusty corners of the catalog that we haven’t attended to in a while,” singer Jeff Tweedy said Monday in a statement announcing the shows, which will take place Feb. 15, 16, 18, 19 and 20. Each night’s set will be different.

Tickets ($35 plus service fees) go on sale at 10 a.m. Saturday through Ticketmaster.


  1. Too bad they play nothing but unlistenable dreck.

  2. And they would be wrong.

    I know Wilco has an inexplicably rabid following and you're just following the script. It's a shame so many have tin ears.

    Repent and all will be forgiven.

  3. These days there are way too many carbon copy bands. I am glad to know that there are bands like Wilco who continue to evolve their creativity without being forced to create artless one hit wonders that die out faster than they became popular.

    While one person might hate what they hear, another might become inspired. That is the beauty of art.

    As a musician myself I know how next to impossible it is to make it in the music business, not to mention hold on to that success for several years. Fact is, Wilco will be making music as long as they are able to breath air. Unfortunately you can't say the same for about 90% of the music that is currently being played on top 40 radio. Major record labels have always been about tapping into what is popular now, and because of that the music suffers.

    I wish more bands were allowed to be as creative as Wilco and not bound by the almighty dollar to drive their art direction.

    Another thing that amazes me is how there are so many people out there who spend so much time bitching about $%@# that has nothing to do with them at all. I can understand bitching about things like politics and the state of the worlds affairs, but seriously, music. On a blog thats sole purpose is to better Uptown for everyone. If only people spent as much time actually doing good for the community instead of acting like babies with useless opinions that get us nowhere, I wonder how much better Uptown would be.

  4. That was a nice post (absent the Wilco felating) until the end.

    Pot, kettle, black, no?

    I, too, am a musician. Bully for me.

  5. While I agree with Jo, let's do it.

    Wilco Basher, give us your top 5.

  6. Err, top 5 what, exactly? Least favorite Wilco songs?

    Let's start with "Heavy Metal Drummer", a steaming pile of a song. Irving Berlin somehow managed to compose less clamorous songs than that, which I once believed impossible.

  7. Even though I don't agree with bitching about music on this blog, the ball is already rolling. I am board so I will bite.

    Next time when explaining how much you don't like a band you might want to compare it to another that exists in the same genre let alone same era.

    Nirvana sucks because Beethoven was a genius. Now that's just silly. of course, If you try hard enough you can link anything.

    So What, you think the time signature is too standard? You never smoked pot and listened to Kiss? You hate Kiss? You never knew a girl who fell in love with every musician she met? You hate Heavy Metal? Hearing an old song never reminds you of your past? Did you grow up on a farm with a lot of steaming piles? lol I kid I kid. My sister used to have the opinion thast if there was a distorted electric guitar in a song that it was horrible. lol, it used to make me laugh. Now she loves Radiohead, go figure. Point is peoples taste in music changes all the time.

    Now if a person listens to nothing but classical than I can understand why they would hate modern rock. Funny thing is without Classical we would not have Metal. I can go on and on.

    Now, all bands strive for some bit of attention. It's what a band does with that attention that can determine their success. Wilco looks pretty successful to me.

    So, 8:13, did you not properly answer 1:32's question because you somehow didn't understand it, or do you not want us to see how one sided your taste in music is?

    Actually, don't answer that, it really doesn't matter. That is why art is art. If "everyone" liked something it would be less special. As far as musical taste goes, it is actually a good thing that what I might love another might hate. The world would be a boring place if everyone liked the same thing.

    Rock on haters, rock on :)