Monday, December 10, 2007

Does This Give Anyone An Idea?

Things got a bit heated in front of 47th Ward Alderman Gene Schulter's office on December 5. Protesters trying to save Lincoln Square from eminent domain, chanted in front of Schulter's office and the Alderman eventually threatened to have the police haul them all off. Entertaining audio nonetheless. It's power in numbers folks. Its amazing what a group of residents can accomplish. This video comes to us from the folks at "The Bench," a Rogers Park blog. We will add a link off on the right for them as well. It's always smart to know what's going on in the areas around Uptown.

Update: Looks like Alderman Schulter has derailed the plan for eminent domain in Lincoln Square...sort of. Read on at Pioneer Press here:


  1. For what it's worth, I've forwarded that link to Jan Schakowsky, and asked for her input.

    I'd recommend folks in Rahm's district contact him (ha! Good luck hearing back from him).

    The city won't do anything, and the state ... well. Phpt.

    Durbin's up for re-election, by the way (even if he is a festering douchebag), and let's not forget about Barack.

    If the state and local governments won't do anything, we need to work our way up.

    With elections coming up, it would greatly behoove our Fed reps to give some love back to the constituents, don'tcha' think?

    That, and this kinda thing does fall within the province of what we'd elected them to do, is it not?

  2. i would love to see this kind of action in front of Schiller's office lol