Monday, December 3, 2007

Dover Street District Approved

According to today's Chicago Sun-Times, the Dover Street District was approved as a landmark by the Committee on Historical Landmark Preservation. The Dover Street District, a "visually distinctive collection of suburban-style single-family homes and multi-family buildings" constructed between 1893 and 1927 in the Uptown community. The district "exemplifies the growth and development of the North Side neighborhood in the years following its annexation" by Chicago in 1889 - a growth made possible by mass transit to the Loop.

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  1. Whoever did the legwork on this congratulations and thank you. Marty Tangora was this your handiwork again?

  2. this was in opposition to evil land developers who were trying to build some eyesores at the lawrence/dover kudos goes to a number of Dover street homeowners who went to voice their nays to those condo developers out there who would build buildings that didn't fit in with Dover's aesthetic schema.