Monday, November 5, 2007

Your Monday Chuckle

We came across this 46th Ward map on the "Uptown Neighborhood Council" website and noticed something humorous. Both "Graceland" and "St. Boniface" cemeteries are listed as voting precincts. This map is a great resource to save and share with other Uptown residents who are not sure what ward or voting precinct they live in. We wonder how many voters hail from the 27th and 2nd precinct.


  1. 2nd precinct

    213 74 JC 139 HS

    27th precinct

    269 188 JC 81 HF


    JC means Cappelmaniac

    HF means Alderbeast Shiller

    Don't ask me to explain the cemetery votes. Perhaps it is an old map?

  2. The 27th precinct includes Kenmore from Irving to the Buena Playlot,the south side of Buena from Sheridan to Kenmore, and the west side of Sheridan from Irving to Buena.

  3. Thanks for the clarification Anonymous. What areas are included in the 2nd precinct besides St. Boniface? Why would these precincts be highlighted in pink if they include registered voters?

  4. Pink is the designated color for cemeteries on those maps.

    Methinks anon is right about the precinct boundaries. It makes sense given the vote totals and the split of votes.

  5. It isn't the easiest map to read but clearly there are residential areas in both of those precincts that include the cemetaries. They're just much larger than the surrounding ones, look at the bolded boundaries.

  6. Actually, there is a Sun Times cartoon from past elections that make reference to the rampant vote fraud being perpetrated by Helen. It shows dead voters rising out of their graves to cast votes in Uptown.

  7. rampant vote fraud being perpetrated by Helen.

    So if that is true why can't it be exposed and prosecuted?

    Why don't people challenge her?

  8. Sun Times jounalist, Ray Coffey, did a series on the election irregularities and Helen in the mid 1990's. He then retired and no one picked up the theme after that.

  9. The fact that the two results are opposite (The Graceland precinct HEAVILY in favor of Cappleman) shows that while most of the land are graves, there are residents there. Either that, or Cappleman's campaign is also committing fraud.

    Why people don't challenge is because it's bogus.

    i asked James Cappleman about fraud in this election (after years of saying it wouldn't be hard to get at least 1 judge in each of the 43 precincts; you have 4 years to schedule 1-2 days off. ) He said on the BPN board that it was taken care of.

    If you can't get 1 - 3% of the anti-Shiller vote to take time to monitor the elections and/or get out the vote, why should it surprise you that your side loses. The highest anti-Shiller vote was in 1999 (with 3 candidates)-- the support base (theoretically) has increased by hundreds while Shiller's has, at best, remained steady. Lack of a Shiller vote isn't really SHiller's doing as it is oppostion's NOT doing (i.e. appaling to moderate voters/thos ewho could go either way)

    Can someone (a reporter or candidate or judge) look at the addresses of a precinct to see if there are, say 100 people registered at the local currency exchange, or if there truly are a lot of people form the shelters voting (i.e. more than should be able to). That way, you could actually substantiate significant fraud.

    Looking at the results, and knowing there are large rental buildings near the most suspect precincts, makes me highly doubt there is such fraud that Cappleman should have won the election. Even IrishPirate conceding in that respect.

    I can see maybe 100, or even 200 Shiller votes slipping by...but 700?

  10. JP,

    once again you show that whatever slight grip you have on reality is rapidly slipping. This post is essentially about some interesting map quirks and someone brought up vote fraud.

    Do I think there was vote fraud in the 46th ward in 2007. Yes. Do I think it was enough to sway the election, clearly not.

    Shiller won because of apathy and Machine support. She didn't raise around 300 thousand dollars only from her ward supporters. When you see names like Jeremiah Joyce donating money to her it is clear she is Daley's alderbeast.

    If Daley had supported her opponent, any opponent, it is likely Shiller would have lost.

    Now JP your obsession with Uptown is interfering with your obsession with Jesus. Please go back to obsessing about Jesus.