Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Underpasses Need Lighting Pronto

A reader writes in:

"We have a new problem. Now that we have successfully gotten the Dept of Transportation to repair the crumbling overpasses at 4400-4600 N Simmonds Drive and at 600 W. Wilson and 600 W Montrose Avenue, now the community needs the Park District to reinstall the light fixtures in the underpasses.
As you may recall, the old light fixtures were wired with non-romax wires tied to the rebar. That wiring was always wet from water seeping through the crumbling bridge structure. In the winter, ice hung from those wires. It is a wonder no one was zapped and killed like the dogs in Grant Park. Anyway, because these underpasses are favorite areas for persons to lurk in the shadows at night doing all sorts of sex and criminal acts, you need to get lighting back in those overpasses sooner rather than later."

We couldn't agree more. Sounds like dark underpasses are just asking for trouble.

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