Thursday, September 27, 2007

'Vis Vitae' Construction Resumes

We walked past the "Vis Vitae" site today and noticed work has resumed. The underground parking garage has been covered and the large crane at the site was in full swing with workers bustling about. With decent retail, this development could be very good for that stretch of Clark. We look forward to another "Starbucks" in the neighborhood as well.

1 comment:

  1. Vis Vitae is looking good. Steady progress it seems lately.
    The condo rehab at Dover and Wilson is almost complete. The clowns at Goldcoastreality have not instilled the neighborhood with pride though.
    Although their presense is thankfully a temporary one in this area of Uptown - they've brought nothing but condescension and ridicule to the area. The realitors perched daily on the corner seem somewhat desperate to seel these 64 units (no central air seems to be a big problem with buyers).
    And for those lucky enough to witness the LOUD lovers quarrel last weekend - it says it all:
    The realitors girlfriend show up screaming "Im sick of the cheating and the lies." As she runs down Wilson towards Beacon, her realitir boyfriend screams "you cant run around in this neighborhood, you'l get killed, its not SAFE!"
    That pretty much sums up how these Goldcoast clowns view UPTOWN.